08-Scorpio and Pluto, Moon Phases, New Moon Tools

Scorpio Lunation Day 20: The Magic of Windflowers

Children have so much fun making a wish on windflowers. They have no idea that they are spreading more than joy as their faces light up. They are also spreading magic.

dandelion-girlToday’s Tool is to act like a dandelion.

We’ve probably learned a few things since we first went about trying to reach our New Moon Dreams, and now it’s time to share with others.

Air signs like to talk about things. Water signs want to share their feelings.

Earth signs demonstrate what they’ve learned. Fire signs engage through spirited exchanges.

Nothing captures the essence of the Disseminating Phase more than a simple little weed that through a magical process spreads not only seeds, but joy.

Spread the word. Share what you know. Be the dandelion. Disseminate.