The Cardinal T-Square of 2010: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto

The much anticipated cardinal T-square of Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus is an event which has many of us puzzled and worried. With these cardinal energies, we can expect times of fast-forward movement, more shocks and changes, and a lot more hard work. 

What these energies also promise is the opportunity for personal and collective transformation, exciting creative breakthroughs, inspired action and promising fresh starts. 

Our ability to keep up with the pace of change will depend upon our readiness to set clear boundaries, plan for the unexpected, hold things in perspective, apply the wisdom of our experience and keep our minds and bodies in balance while all around us is in flux. 

Are you wondering where you can find out more and how all this will affect you? 

The 1st International Astrology Day Blog-A-Thon brings together a collection of helpful, insightful and informative articles on handling the challenges of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and the cardinal t-square. Over 50 talented astrology writers present a collection of articles designed to help you to learn more about these challenging planetary energies and discover some helpful healing tools and coping mechanisms. Here are descriptions of the article collections and links to take you to them.  

Online starting Friday, March 19, 2010
Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed? Here’s What Helps!

Pluto in Sagittarius was an era of speculation and easy credit, and we expanded far past what was wise. Pluto in Capricorn is a time of facing reality, getting grounded, paying the bills, and being accountable. Coordinated by Donna Cunningham at Sky Writer, the 17 articles in the Pluto collection help you understand a variety of Pluto-related difficulties and suggest resources and healing tools to sort them out. They include the debt trap, sleep disorders, bullying, fertility issues, erectile dysfunction, grief, patterns we carry over from previous generations of our families, grief, healing from abuse, and a variety of other persistent problems. 

Online starting Friday, March 19, 2010
Vibration Presents:
A Collection of Articles about Combining Essences and Astrology 

Not to be confused with aromatherapy, flower essences are a superb, natural, and inexpensive healing tool that can catalyze personal growth and smooth out the rough edges of times like these. The combination of astrology and flower essences is outstanding in helping people understand and address difficulties that arise during difficult transits. Coordinated by Donna Cunningham at Vibration Magazine — educational journal on flower essences, this collection of 15 articles by astrologers who are also essence practitioners will suggest ways astrology and flower essences can enhance one another. 

Online Starting Saturday, March 20, 2010
Take Care of Saturn and Saturn will Take Care of You

Transiting Saturn’s oppositions to Uranus were accompanied by sudden change and shocks to upset the status quo, resulting in economic crisis. As ripples reached our personal lives, our ability to remain flexible in the face of disruptive change is being tested by Saturn in Libra’s square to Pluto in Capricorn and the upcoming entry of Uranus into Aries. Coordinated by Mandi Lockley at Astro Air, the 17 articles in the Saturn collection will help you work with a variety of Saturnian issues. Experienced astrologers invite you to view Saturn not as a planet to be feared, but as a necessary, helpful teacher whose lessons can help you through life’s challenges. Others provide useful resources, down to earth advice, and inspirational coping and healing tools. 

Online starting Saturday, March 20, 2010
Passing the Tests and Trials of Saturn to Build Better Relationships

As the planet of obstacles and inadequacy moves through Libra, all types of partnerships are challenged. Is there an equitable give-and-take in your marriage? Are you having trouble manifesting a satisfying relationship? The articles featured on Sasstrology will do more than offer insight into the meaning of this transit. The experienced astrologers featured here will help you to create solid partnerships that can survive the ups and downs that occur when two souls attempt to create one union. 

Online Starting Sunday, March 21, 2010
Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future

Unpredictable Uranus is ending his sojourn in Pisces and will soon enter irascible Aries. Following a period of reluctantly dealing with the real world, Uranus steps up to proclaim personal freedom. This is not the freedom bell that Uranus usually rings for everyone, but the unabashed self-proclamation of “My Rights, Every Day!” Coordinated by CJ Wright at Auntie Moon, the 17 articles and additional media presentations in the Uranus collection are as erratic as Uranus himself. You will discover some of the disruptive changes Uranus loves to spring on us and receive suggestions on how to work with rather than against yourself as you evolve and grow. 

Multi-Media Heaven
Special Events Created for the Blogathon!

Online Gallery of Cosmic Art 

Uranian Road by Jude Cowell

Visionary artist and astrology blogger, Jude Cowell presents a series of luminous images of heavenly phenomena.  Take time out to rest your mind and feast your eyes on her exquisite slide shows and special galleries at Secret Moon Art by Jude Cowell

Voices from Astrology’s Past—Sound Bytes at the Astrologers’ Memorial 

This vast collection of pages about astrology’s great contributors ably maintained by Liz Houle contains tributes and photos of colleagues we’ve loved and lost. Take a walk down memory lane, starting at this page of sound bites from archived tapes

Forum for Readers’ Experiences and Comments 

Jan Tud (astrogrrl) at Astro Creeps and Tarot Freaks will be hosting a forum for readers’ comments about their experiences with these transits and about the articles. Be sure to register now.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys…What Cha Gonna Do? The IAD Blogathon

For the past few weeks, I’ve been intensely focused on collecting articles about all things Uranian for the International Astrology Day Blogathon. Donna Cunningham, Mandi Lockley, and I are coordinating three days focused on each of the bad boy planets in the cardinal t-square ~ Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus.

I have a fondness for Uranus. He’s the ruler of my chart and has close contact with both my sun and moon, not to mention lots of other little squigglies in my chart. He’s very close kin, if you know what I mean. Because of those apron strings he so proudly struts around in at my house, I think I know him very well. Well, he has a knack for surprising even me, and it’s his ability to continuously surprise us that makes him so interesting. He has an electric personality.

The articles in the Uranus collection (Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future) will be great tools for getting to know Uranus very well. You’ll see many of the pies Uranus has his finger in and, once you’ve had a look at the amazing articles and media written and presented by some truly gifted astrologers, you’ll be able to identify him any time you encounter him in a line-up. He’ll be the one standing on his head.

The IAD Blogathon begins on March 19th, the first day of Spring, when the Sun enters Aries. Donna Cunningham will present “Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed? Here’s What to Do!!” followed by Mandi Lockley‘s collection of articles, “Take Care of Saturn and Saturn will Take Care of You.” These are stunning collections of articles, and I promise you will not be disappointed. You’ll also be treated to some special features, including a Gallery Opening of Cosmic Art by Jude Cowell, Astrology and Flower Essences Article Collection, The Astrologers’ Memorial Collection of Sound Bytes, and Multi-Media Takes on the T-Square.

March 19th is the official 2010 International Astrology Day. Check to see if your local astro society has an event planned. The Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN) has great ideas on how to participate at the local, even solo, level. Take a look at the AFAN homepage to get some great suggestions for events in your community.

The IAD Blogathon will give you plenty of insights on how to handle these bad boy planets and prepare you for their party in your chart. None of these guys leaves a party early, so get ready to host them at your house and you’ll be waking them up to go home instead of wondering when they’ll ever leave.

Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future

Unpredictable Uranus is ending his sojourn in Pisces and will soon enter irascible Aries. Following a period of reluctantly dealing with the real world, Uranus steps up to proclaim personal freedom. This is not the freedom bell that Uranus usually rings for everyone, but the unabashed self-proclamation of “My Rights, Every Day!” The Lone Gunman in this cardinal t-square, Uranus will feel a strong urge to rebel against the personal restrictions of Saturn in partner-oriented Libra and the new rules imposed by Pluto on his seemingly stodgy brother, Capricorn. It is the harnessing of this new head-butting energy that will open the door and safely deliver us to a brighter future.

Uranian Road by Jude Cowell

The articles and media presentations in the Uranus collection are as erratic as Uranus himself. You will discover some of the disruptive changes Uranus loves to spring on us ~ undertaking major moves, suddenly changing stable relationships, and the demand to be a more authentic ME. You’ll find ways to rediscover your inner-teenager, be introduced to some new technology, and receive suggestions on how to work with rather than against yourself as you evolve and grow. Healing therapies are suggested to calm the lightning-fast physical energy and emotional overload that can overwhelm. In the media section, you’ll gain access to online astrological education through videos and podcasts by some of our finest astrologers who freely share their skills and insights with the astrological community.

Each title will open in a new window on the author’s website or blog, so you can read their article and explore what else they have to offer. Before you start clicking, bookmark this page so you can find your way back here. Scroll to the end for the link to the Saturn and Pluto collections and all the other special Blog-A-Thon events.

Uranus, The Aries Ingress, and the Cardinal T-Square

Surviving 2010: Coping With the Brunt of the Cardinal T Square ~ The lead article in the Uranus collection is Kristine Martucci’s sensitive and insightful overview of each of the key players in the cardinal t-square. By breaking down the roles of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, she fuses a helpful explanation of their united effort in our personal and collective evolution.

Uranus—An Experience of a Lifetime ~ Is your inner rebel misbehaving? Joanne Wickenburg explains how Uranus functions within our family of natal planets and how to balance the urges of each planet to create personal growth rather than disruptive change. Her explanation of natal aspects will help you identify behavior and issues indicated by this radical transit.

Uranus in Aries—a Heads Up for the Accident Prone ~ How will your life change when Uranus moves into headstrong, headlong Aries? If you’re the least bit accident prone, you may need to be extra cautious. After studying accidents over the years, astrologer and therapist Donna Cunningham shares her conclusions about why serious accidents occur and ways you may want to change your life if Uranus is aspecting major placements in your astrology chart.

Transiting Uranus Through the Twelve Houses ~ Steven Forrest is our guide for Uranus’ transit through each of the houses of the natal chart. This is new territory for each us, by sign and by house. The longing for more that arises with each one of us manifests itself in a particular area of our lives. What is Uranus targeting in your chart?

Uranus in Aries ~ How easily can we adapt as Uranus moves from the nebulous realm of Pisces into the dynamic and forceful sign of Aires? Tony Vowles shares his views on handling this uncomfortable energy and offers tips on staying balanced through the transition.

How Strong is Your Uranus? Here’s the Score ~ Are you “weird,” a.k.a. the Uranian type? Take Donna Cunningham’s Uranus test to determine how strong your score is. Add up your score by figuring points for Uranus’ placement and aspects, the sign Aquarius, and the 11th house. Donna is hosting a contest for the highest combined score of planetary weights for Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, so be sure to visit T-Square Championship-Total Scores for Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn! on Sky Writer to determine your overall score and win a prize.  Take me to the contest now! 

Astrology and Teens

The Importance of Astrology’s Vocabulary ~ Amanda Owen, author of Lucky Signs (an astrology book for teens) turns our attention to the negative stereotypes and sign judgements that sun sign descriptions can play in building or depleting a teen’s budding self-esteem. It is up to us to remove the black/white, good/bad connotations and empower our younger generation’s emerging self-confidence and self-reliance.

Uranus Aries for Teens: Young Fool at the Edge ~ Molly Hall, your guide to astrology on relates Uranus to the Tarot Fool with exceptional suggestions for teens on how to handle the Uranus in Aries energy. Adults as well as tarot fans will benefit, too.

I Was a Teenage Astrologer: An Astrology Reference Guide for Teens ~ An account of the experiences of a young astrologer, offering great tips for teens entering the field. These tips will benefit everyone just starting their studies and even teach some old dogs a few new tricks. 

Bringing Hogwarts to American Teens—the Curriculum for my Class ~ Veteran astrology Gretchen Lawlor has been teaching astrology and other metaphysical topics for a decade at an alternative high school. She shares her experiences with these alienated but eager young people, what was included in her curriculum, and how you can approach your school district about similar classes.

Shake Ups and Break Ups

Divorce Horoscopes – When Love is Over ~ What astrological triggers can we look for to anticipate difficult periods in the cycle of long-term relationships? Luc De Jaeger gives us an introduction to these triggers and offers links to external resources for strengthening the marriage we’re in. Luc’s site is centered on astrological compatibility.

Uranus in Aries ~ The Change is Gonna Do You Good~ In this post here on Auntie Moon, readers share their stories of how transits by Uranus changed their lives. See their responses and learn how they are faring after the initial shocks to their systems.

Girlfriend…About Those “Buffers: Dedicated to Kim R-G” ~ Is Uranus a guardian angel or a Loon? Sunny Martin gives us anecdote after anecdote of Uranus placing “Buffers” in her life to help her through major changes and challenges, providing fond memories of special moments along the way. Her humorous yet straightforward account of visits from “Buffers” is sure to entertain and inspire.

Uranus and Technology

Avoiding Technical Overload ~ Don McBroom, consultant and author of Midpoints: Identify & Integrate Midpoints Into Horoscope Synthesis, reminds us that it’s us, not the machines and technology, that are in control of our lives and offers some timely advice on when and how to unplug.

How Second Life Embodies Uranus Symbolism ~ Are you longing for Pandora, the mythical world of Avatar? Would you enjoy participating in an astrological discussion or Buddhist meditation in a form other than human? Dana Nourie, astrologer, skeptical Buddhist, and professional geek, introduces us to Second Life, an online alternative to the real world, where we can be anyone we want to be and do anything we want to do.  (Update 3/11: Dana’s article is no longer available.) 

Astro Tribes and Connecting in the Age of Aquarius ~ Are you nervous about venturing into social media sites? There’s a huge community of astrologers and astrology enthusiasts to connect with on Facebook (FB). Neeti Ray will walk you through setting up an account and set you on the right track of connecting with people who speak your language.

Alternative Methods for Astrological Counseling and Healing Tools

Astrology 101: What is Vedic Astrology? ~ Patricia Lantz, Altanta’s astrology examiner at gives us a brief introduction to Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) as one of many tools we can use to expand our understanding of astrology.  She includes two videos ~ an introductory video about Jyotish and an introduction to an interview with Dennis Harness, Vedic astrologer. See Dennis’ article about the outer planets and Vedic Astrology.

Using Evolutionary Astrology and EFT to Transform Your Life ~ Tony Howard of Astro Raven Evolutionary Astrology uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a psychological counseling technique that uses gentle physical techniques to help utilize the body’s intelligence to create the change we seek.  

Relocating under Fire? Help from Astrology and Essences ~ Our current economic crisis is forcing many families to move quickly under intense pressures like job loss, forced cross-country transfers due to branch closings, and even foreclosures. Mistakes in choosing locations and timing can be costly. Donna Cunningham, seasoned astrologer and essence practitioner, describes tools to help you make a smoother move.

Astrolo-Chi ~ Daniel Lally and Jeff Baugher offer Astrolo-Chi as a “new body-centered yin-and-yang approach to astrology.” Movements for each zodiac sign were created to bring balance to body and relationships.  Here they share a few movements in videos.

Astro-Chakras ~ Ron Laswell associates the chakras with the energies of our natal charts. Challenging aspects might correspond to a blockage in the associated chakra. Ron offers tips for strengthening each of the chakras and smoothing the flow of energy for a healthy mind, blody, and spirit.

Uranus and Technology: Astrology in Online Media

ElsaElsa, aka Elsa Panizzon, regularly brings us to-the-point videos on the current astro weather. Her video, How to Fare Well Under this Summer’s Grand Cross, is a must see for the cardinal t-square (with Jupiter’s influence thrown in, as well). Be sure to bookmark and return to see all her videos on the Elsa channel on

Get your morning dose of what’s happening astrologically from Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer. They offer up the daily forecast in a fun and entertaining format at PlanetPulse at Star IQ. You can also get a two-week archive of their podcasts on’s Podcast Central.

The following two collections offer more than 60 interviews with astrologers. Uranus rules!

The Art & Science of Astrology ~ Kent Bye and Jen Gouvea present over 8 hours of podcasts with 27 interviews from prominent astrologers at The interviews were made during the Northwest Astrological Conference in 2009.

Kelly Lee Phipps interviewed astrologers at the NCGR Baltimore conference for his documentary, Return of the Magi: A Documentary of Astrology. Here you have access to 36 interviews in one convenient spot. Bookmark it and watch them at your leisure.

Multi-Media Heaven–Special Events Created for the Blogathon! 

Forum for Readers’ Experiences and Comments

Jan Tud (astrogrrl) of Astro Creeps and Tarot Freaks will be hosting a forum for readers’ comments about their experiences with these transits and about the articles. You can register and then join the astrology forum discussions.

Online Gallery of Cosmic Art

Astrology Day Blogathon 2010: A Cosmic Art Gallery ~ Visionary artist and astrology blogger, Jude Cowell, presents luminous images of heavenly phenomena. Take time out to rest your mind and feast your eyes on her exquisite slide shows and special galleries.

In Memorium

Voices from Astrology’s Past—Sound Bytes at the Astrologers’ Memorial: This vast collection of pages about astrology’s great contributors ably maintained by Liz Houle contains tributes and photos of colleagues we’ve loved and lost. Take a walk down memory lane, starting at this page of sound bites from archived tapes.


The Uranus collection is only part of the many articles and resources of the IAD Blogathon. You can find the Saturn, Pluto, and Flower Essence collections here:

Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed? Here’s What Helps
Co-ordinated by Donna Cunningham

Look After Saturn and Saturn Will Look After You
Co-ordinated by Mandi Lockley

Passing the Tests and Trials of Saturn to Build Better Relationships
Co-ordinated by Jeffrey Kishner at Sasstrology

Flower Essences
A Collection of Articles about How to Combine Astrology with Flower Essences
From The Journal of Vibrational & Flower Essences

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