The Moon this Week, July 14-21 ~ Featuring a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

What a week we have ahead of us featuring a powerful Full Moon in Capricorn which is also a Lunar Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse won’t be visible anywhere in the U.S., but most of the rest of the world will be able to see at least part of it. (See my note about this below.)

Moon in Sagittarius, july 14

The Moon is void in Sagittarius most of the day Sunday, the 14th. Voids can be conducive to intuitive insights as there are no planetary energies to compound the lunar energy aaaannnddd Sagittarius is the prophet of the zodiac. Try to find a moment or two today to tap into that energy.

See my recipe for Sagittarius Linen Spray for Prophetic Dreams at Lunar Home and Garden.

Moon in Capricorn, july 14-17

After the void, the Moon moves into Capricorn at 7:05pm ET still without aspects until early Monday morning (the 15th) when she encounters a trine with Uranus. Trying new things can move smoothly with a trine aspect, but it may also bring a disinclination to venture into unchartered territory. Trines can make us lazy if we let them.

The big event of the week occurs on Tuesday, July 16th, at 5:39pm ET: the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse is at 5:29pm ET, a few minutes before the Moon reaches 100% fullness. (Data from Moon Tides, Soul Passages by Maria Kay Simms with software by Rique Pottenger.) The effects of a lunar eclipse are similar to those of a Full Moon, but lasting up to six months instead of the usual two weeks.

Full Moons are a time for us to find balance between lunar and solar energies. For example, is your career (Capricorn) taking too much time away from home (Cancer)? How do you balance discipline (Capricorn) and nurturing (Cancer)? The most basic balance to be found at the Full Moon is between what we are feeling (Moon) and what we are doing (Sun). No matter the zodiac sign, this is an excellent point to contemplate at any Full Moon.

Blessing Salt and Moon Water

Moon Water is made by setting a container of water under the light of the Full Moon. Actually, “light” is misleading. You may have cloudy conditions, rain, or even a major storm during the Full Moon, but you can still make Moon Water. Moon Water takes on the energy of the zodiac sign the Moon is in. It’s charged with those qualities. You can make Moon Water on the nights of July 14, 15, or 16. I suggest the 14th or 15th because the Moon moves into Aquarius at 5:19am ET on the 16th. That’s 2:19am on the West Coast. If you are striving to make pure CAPRICORN Moon Water, you would need to bring your water in before the Moon changes signs. Some good uses for Capricorn Moon Water include:

        • Using as the water base to make bone broth
        • Making a salt water rinse
        • Using with baking soda to clean teeth
        • Adding to quickcrete to make cement or mortar
        • Cleaning bones and stones
        • Sprinkling around your property to strengthen boundaries

Capricorn is the sign associated with salt making this Full Moon just about the best time of the entire year to charge some blessing salt. You can mix herbs into a bowl of salt before charging it or you can charge the salt and mix herbs into it later. Blessing salt can  be used in two ways: 1) as a seasoned salt for cooking, and 2) as a magickally imbued salt for rituals, ceremonies, or spell work.

Tip: This is also a good zodiac sign to charge a bottle of mineral water.

If you want to make Moon Water or Blessing Salt, you’ll find these articles of interest: Recipes for Moon Water to Add Oomph to Your Intentions and Capricorn Blessing Salt.

A note about eclipses: I’m in agreement with the astrologers who believe that an eclipse only has impact if you can actually view it with your own eyes. The best way to decide if you adhere to this theory or not is to observe and note any effects you associate with eclipses in your own life.

Moon in Aquarius, July 17-19

Aquarius and the other air signs are undergoing a period with lots of difficult aspects to the Moon. Where there’s stress, there’s great opportunity for growth. While the Moon is in Aquarius keep your emotions in check, look for innovations to problems, and call on friends when you’re at your wits’ end (or before!).

Moon in Pisces, July 19-22

Oh, happy Moon! She does love the water. She moves into Pisces (5:20pm ET) on the 19th, sextiles Uranus on the 20th, and is in an ecstatic happy dance on the 21st with easy, helpful aspects from Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Venus. That sounds like a good day to work your dreams to me. She stays in Pisces through the very early morning hours of Monday, the 22nd.

It’s a big week. I hope your week is filled with many blessings and good times.