Recipes for Moon Water to Add Oomph to Your Intentions

What is Moon Water?

Nothing other than water left out under the Moon. Usually done during a Full Moon, Moon Water is said to take on the qualities of the Full Moon’s sign ~ it’s  “charged” by the Moon. You simply draw a container of water, place a covering over it to keep the ickies out, and leave it under the Full Moon. Bring it in the next morning, and there’s your Moon Water.

Is Moon Water “Magic”?

No, I don’t believe the water itself is magic. You are, though, and you can use Moon Water to add a bit of oomph to your intentions. Here’s an example of how you can do that using the Full Moon in Capricorn as an example:

Moon Water prepared during the Full Moon in Capricorn will take on the qualities of Capricorn and its ruler, Saturn. Some of those qualities are the strengthening of boundaries, motivation for achievement and success, patience with time, dedication to a job or duty, strengthening relationships with your father, bosses, father figures, or anyone (male or female) in powerful positions. Those are a few representative qualities, but certainly not all.

Let’s say you are getting together with someone who is able to push past your boundaries. (Seems we all have at least one of those people in our lives, right?) Before meeting with this person, take a drink of your Capricorn Moon Water or spritz a little on your knees (ruled by Capricorn and Saturn) to strengthen your resolve in not allowing this person to cross your boundaries again. It’s a sort of “ace up your sleeve.”

Perhaps you have a task you’ve been putting off ~ applying for a job or a promotion, for example. If you’re mailing your resume, why not seal the envelope using a bit of your Capricorn Moon Water? It certainly can’t hurt, and you’ve added your intention of getting the job. If you’re interviewing for the job or a promotion, sip or spritz before the meeting to remind yourself that you are capable and deserving. It will show in your self-confidence. Magic? Probably not, but your intentions are strengthened.

Is There a More Potent Moon Water?

Maybe. Full Moons occur during opposing signs, so the example Full Moon in Capricorn occurs when the Sun is in Cancer. Balance is required between mother/father, home/career, nurturing others/personal achievement. The universe loves balance and gets all wacky when its delicate balance is disturbed. This happens in our personal lives, too. Balance is always the key.

The New Moon, however, has both the Sun and the Moon in the same sign. Through the years, I’ve come to believe the New Moon is much more powerful than the Full simply because the energy is pure. And I’ve noticed that the public can act almost as strangely during the New Moon as the Full.

As an example, let’s use the New Moon in Cancer. Why not brew up a container of New Moon in Cancer water which would bring qualities of nurturing, love of home, the strengthening of family relationships, and relationships with women, in general, but especially your mother. You might want to add a moonstone to the water as it brews under the Cancerian New Moon.

But wait!, you say. The New Moon travels with the Sun and we can’t see it. That’s right. So brewing New Moon water is a little different. You would leave your container of water outside for 24 hours to sit under the Cancer Sun and Moon. It will take on the qualities of pure Cancerian energy, and become balanced by night and day hours.

You could use your New Moon in Cancer water to serve when you meet with people falling under Cancer’s rulership. Brew tea or coffee or simply serve it plain. Whip up some New Moon in Cancer jello squares. You’ll know what your intentions are and that just may open your heart to these delicate relationships.

Is There an Even More Potent Moon Water?

I’m experimenting with this even as I type. The Sun is in Cancer today and the Moon is in Taurus, just as it was when I was born, so I’m brewing up a special Auntie Moon water. I’ve added some special things to the water, by the way. An emerald set in gold and moonstones set in silver, so the Sun, Moon, Taurus, and Cancer are all represented. This isn’t essential, but I enjoy it, and knowing that these pieces of jewelry are bathed in my natal zodiac energies will give me pleasure when I wear them. (Be careful adding crystals or stones to water you plan to drink. Some stones will leach into the water. You don’t necessarily want to drink that. Use it for other purposes.)

The last step here is that I will “harvest” the water tomorrow during the hour that coincides with my rising sign, which is Aquarius. So tomorrow night, I’ll be bringing in my special Auntie Moon Cancer/Taurus/Aquarius water to use for special purposes.

You can do this, too. You just have to wait till the timing is right and the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign match your own ~ that’s only a couple of days and hours out of the year so you might want to mark your calendar. It’s a fun project and when I handle the water, it will make me feel good. That’s a kind of magic right there.

I plan on making my own special “Florida Water,” adding essential oils that I especially love. Florida Water is an eau de cologne, a flowery body splash, that you can make at home. This will be a truly “magical” blend. I’m still deciding on which oils I’ll use. The basic recipe is very simple:

  • 16 oz Moon Water (or distilled water if not using Moon Water)
  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 12-15 drops of your favorite essential oils ~ choose 3 or 4 scents

Let me know if you try this for yourself. Thinking about this very special water, and how rare it will be, has me thinking that I need to fill another container.


24 thoughts on “Recipes for Moon Water to Add Oomph to Your Intentions

  1. Nice 🙂 I haven’t done this but have always intended to. I have charged crystals before in the moonlight, but have been charging them with oils and scents recently. I am excited to give this a go, thanks for the inspiration xoxoxo

    1. You’ve inspired me to charge some moonstones with oils during the New Moon. What’s your process for doing this?

      1. You research the incense or oil that suits your intention, rub the crystal with the oil chosen for intention and let it sit wherever you have a special place for your incense to burn.

        I do prefer to do this more with the Full Moon, as the New Moon can be a bit too strong for me. I like to end each intention session by burning frankincense as a means to bind the intention to the object. It works well. When my daughter was being bullied, we charged a few hematite magnetic rings for her to wear and what was quite threatening at the time, eventuated into nothing.

        I wear a lot of crystal rings and charge them up for their purpose:- like my moonstone for intuition, tigers eye for courage, protection and good health, my rose quartz for love and friendship etc etc. I have to stop with the rings as it is getting harder to type, they’re that heavy lol j/k xo

        1. Thanks so much for explaining how you go about it, Karen ~ and the example of your daughter’s experience. I’m glad it worked out well.

          I’m going to charge my moonstones during this New Moon. Hope I have enough oil!

  2. I use crystals and minerals in my drinking water perpetually – I keep smooth polished pieces in the quart jar I drink from. I change some pieces out for others depending on my needs at a given time.

    Your thoughts about New Moon bringing out weird behaviors is something I’ve noticed too! Both Moons trigger migraine attacks as well. Aries/Libra are the worst.

    Wonder if Moon Water made on the squares would help? Ha! A New Moon and Eclipse in Cancer next Wednesday! If any of the particular Moon Waters would help, this will be one.

    You are a fountain of creativity, my dear. I’m going to work on planning this today. Wonder which alcohol would be the very best for preserving this water as a Moon Water/crystal remedy for future migraine attacks? So much fun to work out!


  3. It’s so good to see you, Parin!

    Not sure about which alcohol would work best. How about freezing the water in individual cubes or freezer bags? That’s a whole new way of using Moon Water ~ as ice packs! 🙂 Neptune would get a kick out of that.

    1. Guess what! Speaking of freezing crystal remedies…make one with smokey quartz, moisten a dishrag, freeze it in a ziplock bag and you’ve got an ice pack to beat the band. 😀

  4. Wonderful post, cj! I’ll be making some Cancerian Eclipse Water along with my own special blend of “Florida Water”. Thanks for the great idea.

  5. Thanks for this CJ..with a Cancer Natal Moon – yes, this HAS to be done in some way that feels right for me (with your recipe as a base to fly off from!)..Oh Full Moon in Capricorn – have to do Moon Water for that..have been ‘brought to my knees’ way too often by trespassers over my ‘boundaries’ – I think my Capricorn Moon Water will water the plants growing along my fences in the garden from time to time..will be a ‘timely’ reminder…

    Strange thing is, I have a jug with 2 rose quartz in it which I fill daily – leave for both Sun and Moon to do their thing – then fill Cleo’s (my dog!) water dish from it – seems I cared for my dog more than I cared for myself..balance is needed, indeed!

    1. What a great idea to use the Cap Moon Water to water your plants along your fence line, Penny. That certainly lends a protective feeling around your property. It inspires me to use some around some invaded property next to my house. Thanks!

  6. How wonderful, I can’t wait to try this for the Capricorn Full Moon and the Aquarius Full Moon. I especially love the idea of using Moonstones in some way for the eclipsed Full Moon in July.

    Thank you

    1. There are all kinds of possibilities coming to mind ~ Lunar Return Water, Solar Return (Birthday) Water. Brew a cup of tea to sip while analyzing the charts.

  7. I copied your post to paste in my (digital) Moon scrapbook. It will be the perfect complement my new and full moon rituals.

    This upcoming New Moon is right in the middle of my Mars-Sun-Venus multiple conjunction, so it seems a grand time to try Moon Water. I was thinking of setting out two glass jars of water. One I would like to use for Florida Water made with blue chamomile, ylang ylang, and lavender essential oils. I was also thinking about adding some chamomile and passion flowers to the other container for the Sun portion of the 24 hours for a tranquili-tea.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. I’m quite honored to be included in your Moon scrapbook, Mari. Thank you!

      That’s a potent line-up of planets you have for this New Moon to energize. (My Uranus is getting kissed ever so gently by it.) Speaking of the tranquili-tea, it might be a nice day to make a jar of Sun tea using chamomile. It’s near the 100 degree mark here already, so it will probably be a nice brew. Thanks for your inspiration.

  8. What a treat to read. Moon WATER, of course. Feeling the healing, I love how returning to your blog after a long absence you are posting this from “off the beaten track.” New Moon is powerful for me, and since doing the Hawaiian Moon workshops, that power has become a trackable feeling. How wonderful to read how Moon Water set out during the day and night can then be infused with both Cancer Sun and Cancer Moon energy. My husband is Cancer, born just after the eclipse. ‘Home’ and ‘belonging’ are two wonderful affirmations to bless with Moon Water. We can use the loving energy of your creativity on the moons devoted to healing and nourishment, today and tomorrow, according to the Hawaiian Moon Calendar. Nice timing. Thanks cj, Mokihana C.

    1. Well, theNew Moon Water is a test run, but what’s not to work? My very best birthday wishes to my Moon Brother, Pete.

  9. I saw the title of this post and was intrigued but am only getting back to it now, after a move to another state during the last eclipse-eclipse-eclipse lunar cycle … I’ll be sharing this post at my Full Moon presentation tonight, and New Moon presentations in coming months, as well as trying it out for myself 🙂 thank you!

  10. That’s great, Mary Pat! Thanks for sharing it with your groups. Wish I could be there with you. I miss Moon meetings a lot.

    Oh, the joys of moving! I hope you’re settled in and feeling at home.

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