Ritual for the New Moon in Leo ~ Plant a Seed, Grow a Dream

The New Moon is all about planting a seed or choosing a course of action for the coming lunar cycle. To go with the theme of planting a seed, I have a fun freebie to share with you for this New Moon in Leo—a  printable for a small New Moon seed packet. The  packet is a place to keep a note about the seed you are planting for this lunar cycle. There’s room for some other symbolic items, too.  Just click on the graphic below to open up a pdf for the envelope, insert, and instructions on a ritual for working with the packet.

If you’re only interested in the ritual, it follows just below the graphic.

Happy New Moon and happy planting!

A Ritual for the Leo New Moon

On the day of the New Moon, you’ll write a brief statement on the insert provided about  the seed you are planting. You can surround yourself with other items to make your ritual special—candles, flowers, crystals, tarot cards, etc.

When you are ready, write your statement on the insert and place it in the packet.  You might even want to dab a bit of essential oil on the statement to give it a special scent. (Try sweet orange for Leo to represent joy or Rosemary to remove jealousy. The Lion can be quite jealous at times.)

You can add all sorts of things to the packet that are helpful for visualizing your dream. The important thing is that the symbols are meaningful to you. You can also include items related to Leo to strengthen the packet’s mojo: a real sunflower seed, some herbs of Leo (chamomile, rosemary, saffron, mustard seed, rice, turmeric) or drop in a small yellow crystal to represent the Sun, Leo’s ruling planet. Pictures or photos that inspire you are nice additions, too.

Place the packet in a place where you will find it in six months at the Full Moon in Aquarius when the results of  the actions you took to obtain your New Moon wishes will be illuminated.

Thought I’d post this golden oldie again for the Leo New Moon.

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  1. Hi CJ, and thank you! I thought that you might enjoy this Leo Astrolo-Chi movement at the new moon in Leo… https://vimeo.com/300197035Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. Thanks, CJ. You always come up with great ideas for us to do.
    Have a Blessed one as always!

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