The Moon this Week ~ July 7-13, 2019

Moon in Virgo, July 7

The Moon begins the week on Sunday in the sign of Virgo. It’s a really good time to get down to the nitty-gritty, but try not to get so hung up in the details that you miss a deadline. If you’re enjoying the minutiae, by all means, enjoy!

The Virgo Moon’s ruler, Mercury, turns retrograde at 7:08 pm ET and will rewind through July 31st before turning to forward motion again. Don’t panic or buy into the doom and gloom Mercury Rx hoopla. Things break all the time. If something you own breaks, it’s probably because it was going to break anyway. If you can wait until after the retrograde is over to repurchase, do so. If not, keep your receipts.

Moon in Libra, july 8-9

Monday begins with some easy aspects that will have you coasting along smoothly until the Moon has a spat with Libra’s ruler Venus. Moon in Libra can waiver. With Venus in difficult aspect, it could be very hard to make up our minds. If you can’t full-heartily commit…don’t.

Monday is the best day for our Libra Moon. After a very brief lift from Jupiter in the early am, she has too many difficult relationships with the other planets throughout the day on Tuesday.

Moon in Scorpio, july 10-11

After another day with unpleasing aspects, the Scorpio Moon gets some relief from Venus in Cancer Wednesday evening. Thursday has lots of good aspects making it the standout day of the week, lunarly speaking.

Moon in Sagittarius, July 12-14

The Sagittarius Moon has only one aspect on Friday, the 12th—a trine to Mercury. Normally I’d say that was a good thing. However, a Rx Mercury trining the Moon in Sagittarius can have us going over prior conversations. That could be a good thing if prior conversations were forthright and honest. Sagittarius can exaggerate a lot, though, so if those conversations weren’t on the up and up 100%, there could be a need for some damage control.

Saturday brings trines to the Moon from Mars and Jupiter. That sounds perky and joyful to me. Let’s make it so.

The Moon is void most of the day Sunday, the 14th, and slips into Capricorn early evening, 7:05pm ET.

Moon Phases

The Crescent Moon reaches her First Quarter stage on  the 9th changing to Gibbous on the 12th.