New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer ~ July 2, 2019

The New Moon in Cancer 2019 is also a Solar Eclipse not visible in the Northern Hemisphere.

Themes for the Cancer New Moon include home, family, mother, childhood, tribe, memories.

I’m in agreement with the astrologers who believe that an eclipse only has impact if you can actually view it with your own eyes. The best way to decide if you adhere to this theory or not is to observe and note any effects you associate with eclipses in your own life.

Emphasis or turning points for a solar eclipse in Cancer would relate to the HOUSE of your chart that contains 10 degrees of Cancer and would have qualities associated with Cancer: e.g., emotional responses, sensitivity, domesticity, sentimentality, maternal instincts, and environmental/territorial sensitivities to name a few.

I hope this New Moon brings many blessings and happy memories your way.