Moon in Aries/Taurus Week of June 24

This week the Moon moves through Aries and Taurus. She enters Aries tonight (6/24) finding the territory difficult to traverse. Tomorrow she’s in a difficult relationship with the watery Cancer Sun. What we’re doing and what we’re feeling aren’t necessarily on the same page. Wednesday is one of those days where relief seesaws with stress. Just when you think you’ve got it made in the shade, “uh-oh, trouble’s back in town.” Use the dynamic Aries energy to get moving without getting too hot under the collar.

The change from Emperor to Hierophant is symbolic of Initiating energy giving way to a more traditional, grounded approach when the Moon changes signs. Nothing is ever easy, though, right?

What would normally be lunar relief when the Moon enters comfort loving, laid-back Taurus on the 27th is actually a continuation of relief/stress from the lunar Aries period. Frustration may be the ultimate result for the Taurus Moon with these planetary mood swings.

Moon phases are cycling through the waning phase this week as we near the New Moon in Cancer on July 2nd. We’re urged to release in the waning phase, which is pretty good advice with the unsettled week the Moon is having. Do your best to let any bad vibes go.

All in all, this week will probably feel very “normal” if there is such a thing. In other words: Up-Down-and-All Around.


One thought on “Moon in Aries/Taurus Week of June 24

  1. Letting things go is definitely in the plans for me this week. I could feel this tension accumulating at the beginning of the week by my intuition. Lots of aggressive hypertension out there. With Aries, I don’t think anyone needs to look it up and see what sign the moon is in…one just automatically knows it’s in the air! Taurus’ stubbornness just loves to back up Aries, when it’s his turn. Yes, I’ll just take the back seat on this one, thank you, until the dust settles down anyway.
    Have a Blessed One, as always, CJ

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