Scorpio Lunation Day 4: Take Up Your Bow

The mottos of the 12 zodiac signs are excellent tools for meditation or contemplation. They quickly sum up the premise of the sign’s meaning and can act as inspiration in helping us achieve our New Moon dreams.

sagittarius-i-seek-smallToday’s tool is the motto for Sagittarius, I Seek. I really love using this motto in the New Moon Phase. This is when we are choosing our path and planting our seed. The next phase, Crescent, is when we must trust our instincts. Those instincts are rooted in the New Moon phase, the place of desire.

The motivating force behind New Moon dreams, wishes, or intentions comes from deep within our belly. We’re hungry for something that is lacking. For some that hunger is just a twinge, just a little psychological snackiness, but many of us are really starving, and we have to feed that hunger.

Like Diana, moon goddess and huntress, we take up our bow during the New phase. We set our sights on the object of our desire. Before pulling the arrow out of the quiver, before setting our sight, before releasing the arrow, we should know what will feed our hunger. We can’t just be shooting randomly, hoping we’ll hit something. We need to hit the right target.

There’s plenty on the menu to choose from. What’s your desire?


It’s a big menu. Those are just a few of the items.

Scorpio plumbs the depths. Somewhere between the surface and the bottom we can find our real motivation. This Scorpio Lunation has many secrets to reveal, lots of stuff to rummage through. There’s no telling where we’ll find what we’re seeking. Could be at the top. Could be at the bottom.

My New Moon Dream isn’t spiritual. It’s not to make me a better person. It’s to clean out a building on my property.

sagittarius-i-seek-smallBut why? Why now? What’s the rush after all these years? Why not let it go? Where is that hunger coming from? What item on the menu motivates me to take up my bow? My daily intention for my New Moon work book today is to seek the answer to what is really motivating me, what will feed my hunger. I can hear my stomach growling.

tittleYou can start with the New Moon work book at any time during the lunation. Order your copy of Manifest Your New Moon Dreams and join me on this journey.


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6 thoughts on “Scorpio Lunation Day 4: Take Up Your Bow

  1. Thank you for today’s inspiration. It helped me find clarity.
    My desire from today’s menu is “Connection”.
    During this Scorpio lunation cycle, I will be seeking knowledge from my relationships to deepen my connection with “All My Relations”.

  2. Fairly aimless here for now. Loose sort of direction. Not actually many clearly visible targets

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