Scorpio Lunation Day 3: Sagittarius Tool for the Day ~ Optimism

The Moon moves into Sagittarius this morning until Thursday night, the 3rd. Having some optimistic Sagittarius energy in the early days of the lunation is very helpful. A little burst of enthusiasm can go a long way.

optimismThere’s an odd thing about the timing of when we quit, give up. Three days, three weeks, three months. Have you noticed that?

These first three days are crucial.

What good is planting a seed if you don’t expect to see a flower one day?

Yesterday, my daily intention was a physical action. Today’s intention is inspirational.

The daily intention I recorded in my New Moon workbook is a small one, taken directly from this pic: Enthusiasm. Optimism. Enjoy the journey. Hold on tight to your dream.

In the New Moon Phase, we choose our path and plant the seed of our New Moon Dream. We can choose to step upon that path with an optimistic outlook of success or a pessimistic outlook doomed to fail. Pessimism flies in the face of our happy Sagittarius Moon. She’s doesn’t want to hear anything pessimistic.

When I tell myself that I’ve never been successful in this endeavor before, it sets me up for yet another failure. Why bother?

Because I want to bother. I wouldn’t have dreamed this dream if it didn’t matter. It matters. A lot.

Hold on tight to your dream.








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