Scorpio Lunation, Day 2 ~ It’s Not Too Late

I was a bit distracted during yesterday’s New Moon in Scorpio. I got off to a slow start. There were everyday life things that demanded my attention. Little things. But demanding things.

Later in the day, I found some gentler quiet time and set about preparing for my New Moon ritual. The tools for the day helped me a lot. I gathered all my materials, got everything set up, opened up my New Moon workbook and then. . .life interrupted.


It’s like that sometimes, right?

But it’s okay.

I’m going to whisper something blasphemous now.

You don’t have to do your New Moon ritual on the day of the New Moon. Shhhh…

I personally think that it’s better to do it on the actual day, but it’s not. . . Absolutely. Necessary.

scorpiotableThe New Moon phase lasts through November 3rd and it’s okay to do your New Moon thing anytime while in this phase. So today, in the quiet of the morning, I began again.

It was really quiet nice. I’d already been outside in the dark morning, absent a moon. The dark  wrapped around me in a way that yesterday’s New Moon time couldn’t. It was an afternoon New Moon with a beautiful blue, but brightly lit, sky. This morning’s darkness was so nice. And comforting.

I came inside, opened up my workbook again, lit my candle (black for the New Moon and Scorpio), fired up my Moon incense and wrote down my New Moon Dream.


It’s very Scorpio in nature. I’ve needed to clean out a building on our property for…oh, about 10 years now. It’s full of trash, vermin, and memories stored away in boxes now covered with cobwebs and other unspeakables. Oh yeah, that’s Scorpio all right.

Remember this pic from yesterday? That’s what’s in those boxes. The emotional depth that waits on me in that building is one of the things that has kept me from cleaning it out for so long.

The Moon is in Scorpio again today. I turned to my daily intention prompt and filled it in.

Take just one thing out of shop and trash it. More is better.

Not a big deal. It’s just one thing. But it’s what the New Moon Phase asks of us. Choose your path. Plant your seed.

I chose my path. I’ve chosen the same path before and got nothing done. Bad timing, maybe. But not this time. This time I’m aiming for the promise of the Balsamic phase.

Release and let it go.

3 thoughts on “Scorpio Lunation, Day 2 ~ It’s Not Too Late

  1. Definitely the end of a few things here and the start of some more

      1. For sure. Put a few things to rest. New relationships starting or growing

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