Ruler of Taurus ~ Venus or Earth?

What’s your take on this?

The subject came up again in Diane L’s recent post Observations: Lovely Taurus Season is here! over at Libra Seeking Balance. She has a direct link in the comments section to Philip Sedgewick’s very interesting interpretations of Earth in your chart. Diane and I agree that Earth is the ruler.

[Note: the Earth is always directly opposite your Sun. If you’re a Sun sign Taurus, your Earth is in Scorpio; a Sun sign Capricorn has the Earth in Cancer.]

I’d love to know what you think, both pros and cons. Weigh in with a comment or just by voting in the poll below. It’s important as astrologers to explore our art, our science, so that we can make it the very best it can be. Who knows? You might even change my mind. 😉

Check out the Venus/Earth debate on Donna Cunningham’s blog Sky Writer.

10 thoughts on “Ruler of Taurus ~ Venus or Earth?

  1. I’m sun and (new) moon Taurus and looking back at my life I never felt the Venus but have felt and enjoyed earth, I love being out in nature, gardening or walking in the woods. I love the musty smell of the woods over parfum. When I was young it was the ocean. Maybe b/c as a child we lived near the woods and I played with 2 of my older brothers. I feel as if I finally found ME, that I fit the earth part more than venus. What is venus? Sexy,I dont get it. I never felt like a sexy woman. I’m a big girl when I was young I was voluptuous. But I was shy. I’m not venus or sexual. I’m earth, I love my hands in the dirt. I enjoy making planters with differntt mixed up flowers. Mostly pink and purple w/ white. Does this seem Venucian? Adele, she’s tall Taurus w/ a beautiful voice and she has the thick luxurious hair. I dont have a voice like that and certainly not thick luxurious hair. I have to work at making my hair nice but eventually it flops, LOL.

    Im a Taurus but i’m Earth.

  2. I just wrote a big thing about my Taurus sun & moon and feeling more earthy than Venus. Then word press wanted me to sign in and I lost the whole thing ;/
    I’m not rewriting it. Sorry.

    1. I think your comment wasn’t lost. It’s the one before this one, right?

      Thanks so much for giving us your Taurus perspective. I have Moon in Taurus and understand what you’re saying.

  3. No planets in earth in my chart, so I depend on routines to stay grounded (Taurus on cusp of 6th House). Earth in my chart falls within a degree of the 6th House cusp, underscoring this theme. I have quite a green thumb & enjoy gardening. Bringing cut flowers from my garden into the house, now that’s my Libra/Venus side! 😀

    1. I have Moon in Taurus, but Venus conjunct the Sun in the 6th. Earth falls in my 12th and I started gardening to escape caring for three elders in my home. (Isn’t that interesting symbolism?) I just had to get out of there, know what I mean? I’m a “dirty” gardener, meaning that I am not very pretty when I’m outside in the dirt. No aesthetics whatsoever. My husband finds my gardening clothes appalling and, I have to admit, they’re pretty bad. Another curiosity is that I’m very reluctant to cut my flowers. I’ll buy flowers to bring into the house at the drop of a hat, but I like my garden flowers to stay right where they are. Weird, huh? Oh, and I like eating (Taurus) my flowers.

  4. HI, CJ–what a gorgeous new theme! I have believed for the past 45 years that Earth, not Venus is the ruler of Taurus. The earth itself is at its glorious best during May. Here’s why I feel Earth is the ruler. When Venus is conjunct the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, the person behaves like a Mega-Libran, a people person, glammed out, and rather vain, NOT a down-to-earth, hard-working, practical Taurean. What Venusian type likes to get their fingernails dirty? Donna

    1. Thanks for mentioning the new theme. It’s flexibility and clean lines sold me.

      I started leaning toward Earth ruling Taurus early in my studies and was reluctant to admit it. When I heard that explanation from you, I was convinced. It made sense to this ol’ Taurus Moon.

  5. Here’s another slant. Instead of thinking of yourself as your Sun Sign think of your Earth Sign aka I’m a Sag Sun but a Gemini Earth – makes you think eh…

  6. It certainly does, Tom. Our opposite sign ~ our Earth sign ~ is a significant part of who we are. Balancing the energies takes skill and perspective and we have to stop projecting.

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