Mercury Rx and the Paper Shredder

Both Mercury and Mars are currently retrograde. Mercury in Aries and Mars in Virgo. Can these two planets in mutual reception, working together in retrograde, help us?

Mercury Rx has a bad reputation. Behind that bad reputation can sometimes be a lack on our part ~ not getting ourselves up for a task.

Like that pile of papers sitting smugly on the floor “out of my way.” Out of my way? I don’t think so.

I’d been moving that pile of papers around for about eight months. Old bills (some unopened), receipts, and charts I’d been working on had become a constant irritant and reminder of where I’d lacked focus. I hated that pile!

Every time I looked at it, I could hear it chiding me. “Loser. Lazy. Inefficient Loaf.”

Could Mercury and Mars Rx rescue me from this heckling demon of demoralization?


Behind my desk chair, nuzzled between two file cabinets sat the beloved paper shredder, goddess of an erased past. And on top of it, another pile of detestable papers. More of the same ~ old bills, receipts, charts and more charts. Gawd!

I couldn’t take it anymore!! (Two exclamation points required.)

The time was right.

I was up too early and had barely finished my coffee when I made that determined trip to the garage for The Big Bag ~ those great big, black, flex garbage bags that can take a lot of cramming. I’d be cramming, all right. It’s amazing how much room shredded paper can take up.

And so it began. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sometimes I was overzealous and stuck in too much paper at once. Was it going to make it through the shredder? It was like watching the thrilling cliff hanger of a tv show. I had to hit reverse. Forward. Reverse. Forward. Reverse. Forward. At last! Success!

Twice I had to stop and let the motor cool because it quit on me. (Did I over-Mars it?)

I was worried I might have to get another bag, but no…this one can take a LOT of cramming and I had the muscle for it. So I crammed and crammed and almost two hours later had that hateful pile of papers shredded and packed up for recycling.

That’s working the retrograde in a small way so that it worked for me, and I’ve got to say that it feels really good.

How has this retrograde period helped you clean up the little details of life?

16 thoughts on “Mercury Rx and the Paper Shredder

  1. I have missed your posts and was glad to see this one.. I have been watching these planets align and wonder… Are they helping us? or are we going into the shredder ourselves?

    1. I hope not, but if we are I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s to shred all the stuff that makes us feel crappy about ourselves.

      1. when you ‘reversed’ the shedder did all your bills reappear ‘intact’ LOL – “don’t laugh I actually heard someone ask this to a colleague when she accidentaly shredded some important documents” same as when, years ago, someone sent me a fax in an envelope!!! Thankfully we’ve moved on – remember those days when we used to telephone someone and ask if they received our email?
        Happy New Moon in Aries (22nd)

        1. Too funny! I’ll never forget explaining to my boss how a copier could enlarge something. She thought it made the paper bigger.

  2. Noted I finally got rid of that behemoth TV that I have carted from three residences. I have a smaller one and, didn’t really need a second one. As with yourself it was something that was in the way but just couldn’t/wouldn’t be dealt with. Finally it has been done. Yeah!!! I also got rid of four pairs of pants that were beyond respectable usage.

    1. It just feels great, doesn’t it, y’all? I’ve got a spare tv, too, gitanorumano, and am wondering what to do with it. It’s just taking up space. Why in the world do we save things. I see a trip to the Goodwill in my near future.

  3. That explains the day I went to town re-organizing the birthday/christmas stuff! I straightened and sorted all the boxes, bags, bows and wrapping paper that was shoved in a couple of paper bags and a big plastic bag. It’s amazing what you can amass after, I don’t know, ten? years. Oh, and tissue paper? Good grief. I had been eyeing that mess for a few years. And, like you said, the time was right, and there I was. I can so totally relate.

    Now, it is very neat and organized and I am very proud of myself. I have my own party supply store in the closet. And, I swear, if anyone buys a bag or a bowl, I’ll freak!

    1. Hurray!! You should be proud of yourself, Anne. That’s awesome. I’m going to take advantage of this energy while it’s with us for a few more days. The force hit me again yesterday and I finally rearranged the furniture in my bedroom. I wasn’t planning on doing that. I went to clean the bathroom and, before I knew it, the mattress and boxspring were off the bed, drawers were out of the dresser and chest, and boom! Everything was in a new place. The flow in the bedroom works like it hasn’t in a long time. Another yayyyyy!

  4. I’m a writer, and Mercury Rx is usually one of my best times for writing–at least around the stationary points–and I often use it to go back and revise–or finish–things I’ve already started and left unfinished. This time is different–after an intense writing stint before the Rx that left me mentally exhausted, I have used this time to write absolutely nothing. In fact, this comment is the longest thing I’ve put down this whole time. My silence will thrill my detractors. Donna Cunningham

    1. Maybe Mars Rx is giving you some time off to regroup and rest up. We only have a few more days of this reverse energy. Wonder what the direct motion will bring us when these two are in cahoots? There’s a brief window the last two weeks of April.

      I remember you advising us that Merc Rx is a fantastic time for revisions. During my shredding purge, I did come across a few things that I intend to put into use later after some reworking.

      I’ve really enjoyed this Mars Rx period and seem to have gotten quite a bit done on several fronts. I’ve got my fingers crossed that some of the more important things haven’t been a great big mistake. Time always tells.

      1. I just noticed this morning that the TV was salvaged by someone, so it went to a new home. A tiny bit of me is regretting it but I know that in the long run I am better off without it cluttering up a very tiny apartment. It feels like breaking up with someone you have dated long enough to get used to them but then realizing that both of you need to separate and go on in different directions. Not easily done but necessary. A smidgen of regret at first but after a time you accept that it was for the best. The up side of it is that I have now made room in life for something better to come in the door.

        1. It is like breaking up. We put it off and put it off and then, a few months down the road, there’s room for something better, as you say. Great metaphor!

    2. I hope that whatever you wrote will be on the internet soon. I also miss hearing from you!!

  5. “Goddess of an erased past.” Ha! I love it!

    I spent the better part of my weekend “letting go” of the leaves, straw and pine cones that have accumulated in my yard. I always have to dread it for a while, but I never regret it when everything looks fresh and purty again. 🙂

    On a more serious note, I am in the middle of letting go of a once-very-close friendship that drains my energy and should have ended long ago for all the stress it causes.

    Last week, two other potential friendships that were temporarily postponed in the past have reappeared, just in time to support me through this process. All in all, good energy. I feel like Mars has given me some much-needed oomph!!

    1. Yard cleanup is instant gratification. I just sit and stare at mine for a long time afterwards. It’s never purtier. 🙂

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