Uranus in Aries ~ Round 2

Uranus moves back into Aries on March 12th, so hold on to your hats! You could be wearing your sombrero sideways in a matter of days. Probably not, but with this boy wonder, you just never know. Uranus is not a planet with a plan. The mantra for the season is “expect the unexpected.”

Is it possible to prepare for a Uranus transit? Frankly, I’d place 10:1 odds on not being able to prepare. You can look at the possibilities of events occuring by house or surprise attacks by delineating your aspects, but is it really possible to figure out exactly how Uranus will do what he’s going to do?

The Cosmic Tarot

I place a lot of stock in Robert Hand’s book, Planets in Transit, and recommend that everyone have a copy. He has some big arrows that say “Look Here NOW!” when it comes to Uranus transits, and I was still surprised at the garb Uranus was wearing when he showed up for some events. Hand warned me, but I still didn’t recognize Uranus when he arrived ~ just as predicted. Maybe I was just oblivious. Maybe there was too much Neptune and not enough Pluto to catch the trickster.

We got a little taste of Uranus in Aries during the summer of 2010. Did anything outstanding happen to you then? Did you get any hints beforehand that it was coming?

I would love to hear your story and I imagine other readers would, too. If Uranus touched your life during his brief sojourn in Aries, please share your experience here. Let us know which house of your chart Uranus was transiting. If an aspect was involved, tell us how that related to the event in your life.

Last year, I was fortunate to host the Uranus page as part of the 2010 IAD Blogathon and it was a blast! If you missed that collection of articles, you can find them here ~ Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future. Since that time, our rebel gone rogue has received a lot of press. Here are a few posts that I enjoyed while surfing the net today.

YouTube Astrology ~ From the website of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, Mary Plumb has posted a collection of videos about astrology on YouTube. It’s an exciting and diverse collection that you shouldn’t miss with videos links featuring Bruce Scofield, Robert Hand, and Steven Forrest among others. For those who have never had an astrological consultation, you can see a short one with Adrian Ross Duncan.

Bite Sized Astrology: Uranus in Aries and Stuffed Peppers is a video by Maria DeSimone that is so much fun, not to mention one of the most unusual and warmest astrology videos I’ve seen. It’s kitchen talk. Maria talks Uranus in Aries transits for each sign while demonstrating how to make stuffed peppers. Peppers belong to Aries and Mars, btw, so she’s on track with this recipe. If you love astrology and love cooking, you’ll love this video!

In Uranus in Aries: Eulogy of a Job, Fabienne Lopez shares the radical changes Uranus transits brought to her life. She also tells us the story of Prometheus and his twin brother Epimetheus. Prometheus gave the gift of fire to humans and Epmetheus opened Pandora’s Box. Which way do you think Uranus may play out in the fiesty sign of Aries?

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  1. I am libran born 3am, october 4th 1966, last summer 2010 uranus went into my 7th house aries, in my natal chart aries is in my 9th house. i had been with a gemini man (born 8am june 7th 1961) since 1998, i absolutely adored him , but he was very secretive and would come and go. I put his strange behaviour down to him being abused as a child and let him have his space. how wrong, i found all along he was leading a double life , going out with a childhood friend of mine all the time i had known him, he openly did this in a place where i worked and all my friends knew except me. i dont think i will ever ever get over it, i adored this man and he convinced me that i was just paranoid and it was ‘all in my head’. i guess uranus in my 7th house and 9th house in my natal chart meant finding out the ‘truth’ about my 7th house partner. When uranus went back into pisces this man continuously came round telling me i was completely deluded and how much he loved me and how we should have been married by now. yet he has disappeared on and off on 4 occasions since the summer so i guess i have to face facts now uranus goes into aries for good on 12th march, either way i dont think i will ever trust another man again as long as i live.

    1. wow! we have the same birthday different year….same gemini man with the same characteristics and outcome…the only difference is that during the transit in 2010 I realized it was time to move on as I’d allowed myself enough time to heal. You will trust again…and the person you trust will be worth it…because that person worthy of trust will be you.

  2. if uranus going into my 7th house aries (9th house natally) meant finding out the ‘truth’ about a 7th house partner, i hope the 9th house of truth also will mean ‘justice will be done’ as the 9th house also refers to justice and the truth.

  3. the middle of march i will then have jupiter and uranus oppostion venus. being a libran. surely i have had things hard enough with saturn in libra as well. i am really nervous about juptier and uranus opposition venus because im already having trouble accepting and getting over what my partner did to me, i couldnt take any more. jupiter then moves into taurus june 2011 which is librans 8th house but my 10th (leo ascendant) please tell me this situation isnt going to get worse, otherwise i think i will become a nun.

  4. Hmmmm, definitely interesting to read what others have to say. I keep reading about the bullet train of Uranus, but I can’t recall anything specific or anything that turned things upside down. It is transiting my 2nd house. What is interesting I had a fallout with some friends over the summer. A lot of hurt feelings on my part. Well, this week the air was cleared.I don’t really want these people in my life again, but the hard feelings are gone. Of course, I attributed that to Pisces. I do feel this year has been big on improving my image and self-worth so if Uranus wants to bring more of that. BRING IT ON! I am ready!! 🙂

  5. Uranus is right on my IC right now and near my natal north node and natal chiron opposite my stellium of pluto, uranus and jupiter at my MC in virgo. Last summer especially was a tough time for me within, I felt really tied in knots and aggravated. I journaled a lot last summer! My business came to a standstill it seemed in the months of July and August 2010 which made it worse. But I found myself doing more for me in subtle ways which is very new for me, I seem to have always put myself last in my family and this is changing. I bought a kayak in June and spent most of the summer outdoors in the water or hiking. Hiking TALL mountains, tough mountains. I feel I’ve not been this strong since I was in jr. high school sporting events. That part feels great. I do feel a lot of inner healing, resolution and moving forward going on within. Lots of dreams of people I had conflicts with in the past and we are friends again in my dreams. I feel braver and the knots inside are going away now. I’m looking forward to this transit as the last transit through Pisces in my 3rd house was a really tough one for me, however I learned a lot about myself and others. I’m with Jewel above, I’m ready 🙂

  6. In August last year-when Uranus entered Aries and into my 6th house of daily life : We were camping in our RV in an RV site where we had been since May. Life was very enjoyable and pleasant. Then with the transit, new unruly,elements -people moved in next to our site and life was not pleasant. We ended up moving !

    1. Hi, Eddy. Moves are often associated with Uranus/Moon or Uranus/IC contacts. I’m curious if this was the case for you.

  7. ooooh boy

    I have Robert Hand’s PLANETS IN TRANSIT and it is very, very eerie. I can’t quote directly but I remember Uranus transiting 5th house could be an unpredictable romance with an older person. TRUE!!

    Last summer I fell HARD for an older married man, a Libra, (still in the throes of it, actually, though the start was intense and blew my world apart). I had been on and off with an Aries man and was so sick and tired and drained. Then last summer it all escalated and I felt like I was going crazy, Jupiter-Uranus opposed my Mercury. And BAM I found my ideal guy and the ex is just history. It’s so so crazy. I’m so in love, and I can’t expect anything from my new guy, but still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now.

    1. just wanted to add, I was with Aries man for YEARS and kept trying and trying to make it work. so i do not have a history of making rash decisions in regards to dating/romance. i really thought that i would eventually marry Aries, and he did too, but we were just like oil and water.

      1. Uranus transits are often triggers for abrupt changes in relationships. Intimate relationships do require compromise and sacrifice, but if they’re nothing but work…what are we hoping is there, but isn’t? Did you see Susie’s story about 5th house transits here?

  8. This is awesome CJ. Now that you are making me think back to last summer, I thought back to the Uranus transit in Aries During the summer of 2010 and realized it was then that “unexpectedly” one day I decided to launch my website Numerology Zen Zone. I had been previously working on another business – the Wellness Zen Zone and had done this type of work for 20 years, when I decided it was not my true passion and decided that the time had come to pursue my true passion in life, which also includes intuitive coaching and writing. When I watched the video by Maria de Simone (one of my faves) her words closely mirrored exactly what was going on for Pisces during that Uranus transit. Incredible!

    1. Congratulations on taking that brave and empowering step, Kathleen. This is exactly why Uranus is called “The Great Awakener.” He’s the master-bringer of Aha! moments. Having the courage to follow his often frightening lead can pay huge dividends.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the video. I hope she makes more of them.

  9. Uranus’ entrance into Aries took place in my 7th house, forming a sextile with my 9th house retrograde Gemini Mars. Mid may of 2010, I began to have weird dreams. By late May, all signs were pointing me in a strange new direction, and I discovered I had the ability to channel healing energy through my hands.

    I used my husband as my guinea pig – his Sun is conjunct my Mercury in Scorpio (on the cusp of the 2nd/3rd, conjunct Neptune/Jupiter). When T.Uranus entered Aries, it formed an exact biquintile with my Mercury and his Sun.

    Excited to share, I wrote about what was happening on an astrology blog. One of the regular readers (God love you, Jan!) suggested I look up the position of asteroid Reiki in my natal chart, which led to all sorts of exciting discoveries. Prior to that, I hadn’t even know there was a name for what I was doing, other than “laying on of hands”.

    It’s been almost a year now, and I’ve become a certified Reiki practitioner (Level 2). I went from feeling used up and worthless (I’d also just lost my mother, as well as an old way of life, so I can relate to how you felt, CJ – loved your latest post) to feeling as if I’d been given a second chance. Sometimes I can barely believe what’s happened; it seems so far removed from my old reality.

    Mars rules my 8th, as well as my 8th house South Node, and I have to wonder if all this doesn’t have something to do with discovering the “gold in the shadow” Jung referred to. I also think it relates to my natal 12th house Uranus, which is conjunct asteroid Reiki and quintile my natal Mars. Anyway, I’m still in the process of discovering.

    1. On some primitive level, I believe that Uranus is a healer. Maybe it’s all that electricity, and since the body is also electrically charged through the nervous system, Uranus has a mainline to it. I might be crazy, but what’s so wrong with that? 🙂

  10. My Ascendant is at 24 degrees Pisces but when Uranus hit 0 degrees Aries I was reunited with my first true love of about 20 years ago. He was still in a relationship with someone else for about 7 years and said they were in the process of ending it. Our affair ended about 4 months later so it was brief. She found out about the infidelity early Feb but I have no idea what’s happened since.

    We were first together for 4 years and then off and on for another 4 years and it ended with him betraying me but him ending the relationship and me never really getting over it. We both held each other on pedistals 20 years. I was 21 when our relationship started, he was 23 and now at 41 & 43 neither of us ever married because we were both supposedly the “loves of our lives”. I think us reuniting last summer was to finally give us closure and I do actually feel that now.

    Uranus isn’t aspecting anyone of my natal planets or points. The next aspect is Uranus opposite Uranus at 3 degrees. For him Uranus is trining his natal Jupiter at 0 degrees Leo (don’t know what time he was born though). I do know her birth data and am guessing due to the affair being exposed that Uranus is squaring her natal moon which fits her birth data.

    Who knows what will happen.

  11. The day Uranus entered Aries, May 27, 2010, the man, a firefighter, I had been “dating” for many years spontaneously ruptured his quadriceps tendons in both legs. After surgery to reattach, he endured 6 weeks of leg immobility followed by months of strenuous rehab to regain use of his legs. You can’t keep a good man down, a marine at that, and today he is as good as bionic new, and back at his job. Our relationship did not fare. During one of my first visits to the hospital in June, our interface was less than harmonic, and he kicked me out. Within three sentences he wielded the separation scythe and when I protested departing he threatened to call security. I am a Scorpio, so Uranus is in Pisces in my fifth house. I met this man in 2003, and have adored him devotedly, although we were not well matched enough to make a stable practical relationship. I signified this relationship to play out my ideals in love, and believed that what he and I shared on our intimate sexual spiritual plane would sustain my heart and soul although we only saw each other infrequently. Whatever forces that came into play on the day of his accident, or on the day he kicked me out of the hospital, I cannot adequetely explain. My heart broke on so many levels. Through much work and pain he has healed his knees and moves on. I still pine my losses. I miss him and the person I was and the love and intimacy I thought we shared. It was a big blow to see my love put to the test and fail. We saw each other a couple times in the fall, but have been separated since November.

    1. This is a powerful story, Jody. I can tell that you are still grieving. I’m especially sorry to read that you miss the person that you were. Find her, nurture her. You are still that person, indendent of your relationship with him. It might not seem that way now, but you are the same person.

      Your story, like Lono’s, has some Plutonian associations. Capricorn rules the knees and Pluto entered Capricorn round about the same time Uranus entered Aries. Is it possible your firefighter has some strong Capricorn placements in his chart?

  12. My husband died from a terminal lung disease on July 26th at 1:58 pm. We knew he was terminal, we recognized the elephant in the room and embraced it as much as we could. Uranus was sitting on the cusp of my 6th and 7th house. He had asked me to retire from teaching so we could spend time together. I retired and we had six weeks together. I now have Uranus @ 23 degrees of Pisces. My life was forever changed.

    1. Ann, I am so sorry to hear about the death of your husband last year. I don’t know if you read this post on surviving radical transits, but there is some peace to be found even in our darkest days. My thoughts are with you as your new life emerges. ~ cj

  13. I have Aries Sun, Moon, and Chiron in the 7th House, Uranus in Libra in the 1st House.

    May 2010, I decided to drop everything, leave my apartment, leave my job, leave my partner and take off to another State where I started pursuing a dream of furthering my dance career. I spent 4 months doing this, so basically all summer… not realizing Uranus had entered Aries at this point. After these 4 incredible, happy, amazing months where almost everything felt ‘so right’, I came back to my city and came back to what I was doing before… so unhappy again. Only half doing what I really want to be doing. So, now today (March 11, 2011) Uranus has entered Aries again! I am so hoping that everything goes back to how it was last summer. I would love for that to be more permanent in my life!!!

    Uranus can bring good, right!?!?

    1. Yes, Uranus absolutely can bring good things. YOU can bring back the changes that made you happy last summer. With a little stroke of Uranian genius mixed with some practical planning, you can have the life that’s right for you.

  14. I lost my job end of July 2010. It was a job I really liked and made a dream salary. I thought that I had finally found what I wanted in a work environment. I have Venus in Aries in the 6th house and a grand trine of Mars in Leo, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Venus in Aries. I was really devastated by the loss of my job I was laid off but found out that I was betrayed by my Manager who hired me and who I thought was one of the best managers I had worked for. My home was also foreclosed on just before the summer. I have been looking for work so far no luck. I am hoping that the grand trine in fire signs will bring me some good fortune.

    1. I hope it brings you good fortune, too, Lono. Uranus in the 6th can indicate job changes. I have Uranus in the 6th natally and have had more jobs and different types of jobs than the average person. It’s given me a broad perspective on working life and taught me many, many things. Temping is a good thing to try for someone with Uranus here.

      The betrayal sounds Plutonian and Pluto was part of the Cardinal T-Square last spring and summer. Check your chart to see what was happening with Pluto, too.

      1. i’ve had sooo many jobs! way more than the average person. i used to be embarrassed about it but now i like that i had such variety in my work. i feel it gives me a broader and more flexible attitude regarding work related to how it can be something you do, not who you ARE. i also enjoyed interacting with different types of people – thats the artist in me! however, my virgo uranus is in the 5th house conj. pluto. i do like to play a large range of roles and have more than one type of artistic practice.

  15. Hi! great post. i hope i’m not too late to add something to the mix. 🙂

    natally, my scorpio sun is on the 6th house cusp (at 29 55 degrees) with mercury, mars & venus clustered in the sag 7th house. according to astro.com, transiting uranus on the cusp of my 11th house trines my sun. i am in the midst of my jupiter return in aries, also in my 11th house. my natal uranus and pluto are conj in virgo in my 5th house (i used to think it was the 4th, its right on the cusp) but they are very far away from the transiting saturn in libra also in my 5th. lots of activity in my career lately after a fallow period – very happy about that! i’m also getting more of a handle on manifesting what i want in life. that feels really good too!

    i don’t remember anything in particular happening career-wise last summer, but December 2009 thru Jan/Feb 2010 my career got a boost and i shot a film (that was the closing night film at a film fest in LA earlier this month), traveled to NYC to screen a film i did a few years before and reconnected with people from both sides of my family that i barely knew. in march 2010, i performed an excerpt of my solo show. so, for this transit career-wise i’m ready to light up the sky — not to quickly flame out but shine bright and steady like a star!! yes, i am ready to be a star!

    cj, if you have any thoughts i would be glad to hear them. thanks!

    ~ the undercover goddess

    1. Hi, Undercover. I love to hear that artists are going through good phases! Congrats on that. Uranus in the 11th trining your Sun could bring you some excellent networking connections, and that’s always a boon in Hollywood. Even one right connection can pave the way to a long and successful career.

  16. At the end of June 2010 I left NV and moved to the MidWest to start a career with a new company. I started out June 23rd and arrived at my destination on August 1st. I stopped off and saw every person that had helped me during my times of need. Aries rules my 4th house. One could say that I left the desert to find my way towards water (the great lakes).

    1. That sounds like such a nice trip, lola. I would have many, many stops to make on a trip like that.

  17. This was a great review for me, and groundwork for the Uranus times for 2011. I wasn’t sure of what was going on last summer and now I remember. Uranus is natally in my 6th house Gemini so ‘mysterious illness’ and changeable work/many moves are part of my past. Last summer we landed in a place that feels like home … a feeling long foreign to me. The urge to flee mellowed last summer … I felt the settling. When Pluto slid into Capricorn (where my natal moon resides) so too did my transiting True Node so the two were conjunct(which is Natally in Taurus-4th house). The unexpected rascal of a feeling was : You Can Feel Ease! Ha? Yes, settled and at home.

    The other major unexpected clean-up/clear-up event happened late in the summer early fall. My ex-husband and father to our only son, visited me at our new home. A first in a very long and cold separation after a 23 yr marriage. The reconciliation was spurred by our son’s visit (to each of us where we live separately). The Uranus nudge is in my 3rd house of communication and close/past relationships. The ex is an Aries. Things are different now, a conclusion that never happened 23 yrs ago healed a deep wound. Now, the Aries is on the move to a new home. Yikes!

  18. Wow! Am I ever glad I stumbled upon your blog.

    Last summer when Uranus entered my 5th house I decided to start my blog about green and eco baby products. My marriage has been very unsatisfying for quite some time now, and when Uranus approached my natal Moon in 5th I met a married man, and we started a beautiful relationship. Very out of my character, and I was very surprised that I started this romance. However, I have experienced the most beautiful sense of freedom and independence… (my natal Sun conjuncts my Natal Uranus in the 11th house in Libra)… Also, transiting Uranus is currently making a trine to my natal Venus in Sagittarius. My Venus is exactly on my lover’s Ascendant,…. how cool!
    The Moon rules my 9th house and now my husband’s work takes us to another city and my lovely new lover and I will hopefully see each other still, although not very often…
    Don’t know what will happen in the future, and if there is any future for the two of us, i certainly hope so, but whatever happens, he will always be a smile on my face that nobody understands!

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