New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn ~ A Return on Your Investment

Last July there was a solar eclipse in Cancer, and now we have an eclipse “mirror” (so to speak) at 13° Capricorn on January 4th. If we think of the Cancer eclipse as asking, What do you want to give birth to and nurture?, perhaps the Capricorn eclipse is asking, What is the return on your investment so far? 

The World ~ Lowbrow Tarot

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse is in the Taurus decan of Capricorn. Venus, as the traditional and value-savvy subruler of Taurus, always wants her investment to grow. She wants a lot of bang for her buck.

If you subscribe to Earth as ruler of Taurus, “survival of the fittest” is her long-term goal. Earth weeds out the puny plants and animals and supports the heartier ones.

Either subruler you choose ~ Venus or Earth ~ will work with Saturn to make sure that whatever is being tended produces quality goods and receives a profitable return on what has been invested.

You’ve probably heard insanity described as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If the efforts in your Capricorn house have not paid off through your Cancer house, does it make any sense to continue to invest in something that isn’t giving you a solid return?

Is it time to take a look at your portfolio and see how you might get better results?

Capricorn doesn’t want to be forgotten and it definitely doesn’t want to fail. It wants to live on through time, be credible and respected. Capricorn is not the sign of a fad or trend ~ it’s the time-honored and cared-for classic, the tried and true.

Where is Capricorn in your chart?

Even if there are no planets there, the issues associated with this house are ones in which you’ll want to succeed because success and recognition are Capricorn’s ultimate goals. Capricorn may not mark the most important house in your chart, but it still carries weight and is a part of your make-up. If we are to be truly satisfied with life, don’t we need all of our houses acknowledged and supported in some way?

From Capricorn’s perspective, you’ve placed your investment in Cancer’s house. It is from Cancer’s house that you expect a big return. It works this way for all house polarities. Even in the elusive 12th house, you’ll want something in return that you can actually put your hands on. A 12th house question might be, What results do I get in this material world in return for serving you?

In any house, the question might be What do I get in return for investing in you? Capricorn, especially with the Taurus decan influence, needs to be able to touch it’s return.

Exercise for the Capricorn Solar Eclipse

There are some areas of life which we know are ethereal, not of this world, beyond the manifest. For this exercise, however, let go of that idea momentarily. It’s important to see Capricorn’s need for manifestation and return on its investment ~ no matter which house it occupies. It’s also important that you are very honest and self-critical in this exercise so that you have a clear understanding of what you have received on any investment you’ve made, as well as the quality of what you’ve put into it.

  • Gather a handful of coins of the same value ~ all pennies, dimes, or quarters ~ and put them in one pile.
  • Have paper and pen so that you can make a list.

You must have a clear understanding of the issues associated with your Capricorn house. Download this if you need a reference chart of house meanings.

For you personally, what is the stand-out issue associated with your Capricorn house?

  1. Start making a list of all the things you’ve done that can be considered an investment you’ve made from your Capricorn house. For each thing on your list, place a coin in a stack.
  2. Now make a list of the returns you’ve received from your Cancer house, stacking a coin for each item on the list.

Which stack is taller?

It should be the Cancer stack. At the very least, the stacks should be equal ~ and that’s actually a lovely goal. (Personally, I would consider that a major success.) As materialistic as this exercise may seem, you’ll get a very clear picture of what you’ve received from your investment.

Why should the Cancer stack be taller? Because when we realize that what we have nurtured is returned to us seven-fold, we have learned a major secret ~ it’s better to give than to receive, when given and received with love.

Love always brings us more than we thought we could ever possess. We transcend the material world entirely. The return on our investment becomes a spiritual one ~ irrevocable. We can be secure in knowing that we have what the Taurus decan of Capricorn needs ~ endless value.

11 thoughts on “New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn ~ A Return on Your Investment

  1. Moon in Cancer 7th House and Uranus in Cancer 7th House..and with Saturn in Libra(my sun sign) – been a difficult time of sifting and sorting…goodbyes and re-arranging those that have stayed.

    1. Yes, there’s a lot of sorting to do. This is an important sort, though. Feeling like we aren’t receiving what we need/deserve can wreak havoc with self-esteem. Everyone had/continues to have such a hard time this past year, especially with that Cardinal Cross. These are the times when we have to look for places to focus our best efforts. Times are too slim to scatter our good energies.

  2. I love that take on insanity “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. It is what struck me the other day when I was reflecting on the solar eclipse being in my 6th house. It is so simple and so profound just to do something a little differently. I haven’t really invested in my health, my 12th house gets all the attention on this axis so I need to do a little juggling 🙂

    1. I have the same axis, Leah, but the eclipse is in my 12th. I have to do some juggling, too. I’ve over-invested in my 12th, and I have a stellium in my 6th!! You bet it’s time for me to adjust the investment scales and make the quality of my investment better. I’m lucky because I’ve always had such good health so it has been easy to sort of ignore it, but the body/spirit connection is a profound one and it’s time to bless my “blessing.”

  3. This is great CJ! In my astrology natal chart my capricorn is in my 4th house CJ — what does that mean? Does the 4th house in astrology have a similar meaning to the building/the root/the foundational aspect of the number 4 in numerology?

    1. The 4th house is our roots, Kathleen, because it represents our family and our early home, as well as the home we create for ourselves as adults. We do build our own families eventually, adding to our heritage and strengthening our ties. I think the strongest planetary energy associated with the number 4 is Saturn, so Capricorn on your 4th would indicate a strong need for a solid foundation from which to build. That foundation can take the form of a respected neighborhood or dwelling (best house in the neighborhood, for example), but also strengthening the family’s reputation. Everything else in the chart will color that in some way, but it’s a good place to start.

  4. One thing I struggle with when looking at Eclipse charts, is whether I can presume that where it occurs in my Natal Chart is the correct way to look at things. Sometimes I wonder if it makes more sense for me to see where my Natal Planets fall in the Eclipse chart for my location? Maybe it is a Chicken and Egg thing ?
    I do wonder if the first example shows where I have Free Will and if the second suggests things I really have no control over ?
    Just thinking online here, and apologies if it isn’t too clear …


  5. My most beloved kitty companion threw a blot clot in mid july of 2010, and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I have spent the last 6 months doing everything I could to care for him. He had evert kind of western and eastern healing I could get for him. And he was running around, happy, and doing incredibly well. About 4 or 5 am on the night of the 2011 January 4th he threw another blood clot into his back legs, for which there is no help. I still attempted to do everything I could, but on the morning of the 5th he was panting and dying. I had to put him down. I am devastated. He was my heart, my little angel. I don’t understand, how is this the return on my love for my kitty. I am in shock and heartbroken. Anything you could offer would be appreciated.

    1. Sara, I am so sorry for your loss and my heart is breaking for you. Losing a pet is one of the most emotionally difficult things we have to face. At times like this, there really are no right words or correct answers. Just sharing your feelings and knowing that many others have stood in your shoes, as you probably have stood here before, can help ease a little pain. To lose our most beloved is heartwrenching, and I’m so sorry that you have been through this.

      The return on your investment is not his illness or the last moments you had him. The return came every day that he was with you and the joy he brought you will come again once you have passed the grieving period and are able hold your love for him in an unshattered way again. In these painful days, though, the only thing is the heartbreak. Just grieve.

      You invested your love in him and you saw him happy in his last days. He was lucky to have you, Sara. Mother Nature takes us all. We can’t change that. But I bet that you wouldn’t make a different choice by taking him in and loving him as you did, even knowing that this is how it would end. And that’s how we know that we got more than we gave. We’d do it all again. ~ cj

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