Capricorn New Moon Mini-Meditation

This mini-meditation is a sample of one of the regular features in Joyce Mason’s monthly New Moongram e-mail. It’s reprinted here with her permission. The New Moongram complements Joyce’s monthly New Moonwalk post on The Radical Virgo. To read this month’s Moonwalk: Capricorn, click on the link. You can join her e-mail list on the top of The Radical Virgo sidebar. Joyce’s New Moongram is always inspiring and Joyce’s humor is sure to bless your New Moon with unexpected insights and lingering smiles.

Capricorn Moon, help me become the chief executive officer of my own emotional life. Tune me into the older and wiser counsel of Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, and how working to improve my lunar life is one of the greatest achievements I can undertake. Let me not be harsh with myself but rather act as a a determined but gentle disciplinarian when needed. Let me always see what’s best for me with a big dollop of humor. Let me be a strong, earthy vessel for my own Moon and the feelings, nurturing, and habits it represents. During this New Moon cycle, let me trust that I can do what’s good for all, myself included. Let me be both father and mother to myself and a balanced pair of nurturers.

And so it is …

Happy New Moon and Eclipse to all!

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4 thoughts on “Capricorn New Moon Mini-Meditation

  1. Good post CJ, I am trying to use the eclipse/new Moon to help me set my intention for the year. I am using intuitive for my Cancer word, and thought practical for my Capricorn word, but not sure that is really how I want it to go. Maybe intuitive/determined?
    What you said about the Capricorn Moon is exactly how I need to be with myself.

    1. I wish I could take credit for Joyce’s words, but they’re not mine. She is is right on target with this meditation. It’s also an excellent meditation for the Full Moon that’s coming up on the 19th, too, so hold on to this one for a good while.

  2. Oops…not sure if that is what you said CJ, or what Joyce said. Sorry if I got that wrong! I am signing up for Joyce’s Moongram.

  3. ” Let me be both father and mother to myself and a balanced pair of nurturers” … I so love this part of the meditation chant. This eclipse and new moon are such a powerfully releasing cycle for me. Capricorn Moon in the 12th resonating as a whistling woman with many tunes to sing. Thank you, cj.

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