Lunar Home and Garden ~ Moon in Taurus, August 2-4

Monday brings us the Moon in Taurus to settle us down a bit from the feisty Leo/Aries energy of the weekend, then moves into Gemini on Wednesday afternoon so we’ll get off the sofa after the sumptuous Taurus days, and ends with Moon in Cancer and the arrival of Venus in Libra. 

Reclining Lady by Raimundo Madrazo

This is a luscious Moon week in many ways and, except for the Gemini influence midweek, is rather relaxed and settled. Taurus is the sign in which the Moon is exalted ~ meaning it finds an easy mode of expression here. Taurus tempers the emotionalism of the Moon, bringing a stabilizing effect. Not a bad promise, but let’s see if it can hold up with the general discontent in the air these days. Remember that great line from Field of Dreams ~ “if you build it, they will come.” Sometimes we actually have to work hard to relax because we’re so pent-up. Slow and easy is Taurus’ way. Efficiency allows more time for lazing. Build those moments for relaxation into your schedule if you have to.

In the Home… 

When Monday evening rolls around and that little voice in your head whines, I can’t even begin to think about what to cook for supper, stop thinking. This is your hall pass to walk through the kitchen, plop on the sofa, and pull out the delivery menus. If no one delivers in your neighborhood, plan a leisurely trip for take out. Let someone else do the cooking while you decide on the most appealing options to finish out the evening. I’m not even going to suggest that you make it a healthy choice. Sometimes comfort food is the best option. It’s Monday (Moon Day), so indulge a little. Make a better, healthier plan for Tuesday.  

  • Reserve your energy to plow through the rest of the week
  • Turn the air conditioning down as low as it will go and snuggle under a blankie
  • Organize the money in your wallet by 1’s, 5’s, etc., and put them facing the same direction

Have you ever heard that old wives’ tale about not putting your purse on the floor or you’ll stay broke? Floors in public places aren’t the cleanest, so there’s that issue. Mostly though, it’s about respecting your money ~ and Taurus certainly respects money. Sometimes the only place you can put your purse is on the floor at your feet, just for safety’s sake. At home, though, pick a special place of honor for your purse, keep your wallet tidy, and tuck a $20 or $50 in a hidey-hole in your wallet in case of an emergency. And no, a great deal on a spectacular pair of shoes is not an emergency! 

…and in the Garden 

Taurus brings us stupendous gardening days. Do anything you want and watch Mother Nature go to work. Don’t you think the Earth itself would be a good choice as the planetary ruler of Taurus? Venus certainly brings her qualities to the sign, there’s no denying that. But think about qualities that would fit Earth. 

If this bright, blue marble was “out there” somewhere, what qualities would you assign it? How would you describe it in someone’s chart? You look at someone’s chart and tell them, “You have Earth in Libra in the 9th.” Or maybe something like, “Your Earth in Cancer trines your Venus in Pisces.” What would that mean? 

Think about your Earth being opposite your Sun. Where would Earth be in your chart, and how would you interpret it?

The next giveaway is open to all Leos and will take place on Monday, August 9th, with the New Moon in Leo. Be on the lookout for the annoucement.

7 thoughts on “Lunar Home and Garden ~ Moon in Taurus, August 2-4

  1. Thanks again for a very comforting post. I bought corn on the cob yesterday for dinner and it was so tasty! Your numerology blog is so helpful too, so appreciate your sharing. Glad you like(d) needlework or did once upon a time 🙂

    1. I had some, too, and it was so delicious. Corn is a true gift, and just about my favorite food.

  2. Cool! You read my life. Husbands choice of pizza last night (ack) my choice of feta, mushroom and brown rice stuffed capsicums with a ratatouille side dish (yum)

    1. Chicken pot pie tonight. Quick, easy, and creamy. From the freezer to the oven, and terrifically satisfying. No fuss, no muss.

  3. Sweet 🙂 My Virgo boy would love your food 🙂 he looks at me like I am an alien most days 😛 (loves his meat and he has a Taurus Moon too!)

    1. My Virgo husband thinks I look up into the night sky and wave to my relatives. Not of this earth. 🙂

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