Blind Spots in Your Chart ~ What’s Yours?

Help! I need an astrologer! Can someone please explain ME to me?

Ever felt that way?

We can identify strongly with certain planets in our chart and be completely confused about others, even though we live with them every day and have for our entire life. We just don’t get it.

Have you got a planet you just don’t get?

I do.

I’ve never really understood my Mars. I know how it’s supposed to function, and I know how I function, but there’s a disconnect ~ a disenfranchisement of sorts ~ from actually seeing that part of myself clearly. Oh, I’m sure other people see it. But I can’t get a handle on it.

In your chart, it might be the house placement that confuses or the sign the planet is in. Maybe you don’t recognize how a major aspect is working.

Maybe we can help each other sort it out.

What’s the blind spot in your chart?

43 thoughts on “Blind Spots in Your Chart ~ What’s Yours?

  1. val says:

    Uranus in Gemni in the 12th has always confounded me — and it’s in mutual reception to seventh/eighth (on the cusp) house Mercury in Aquarius, which is combust my Aquarius Sun.

    • cjwright says:

      This may seem out there, val, but are there any connections with music that can be explained with this placement?

  2. mimi torchia boothby watercolors says:

    good morning! I guess for me it’s my 12th house Jupiter. I know, I know, sometimes I am fortunate when i don’t deserve it; but even now (my Jupiter return) I scarcely know it’s there. and it’s in an important spot in my chart, opposing Mars(and i think right now I am having a Mars return too. but OH! Saturn is there as well. no wonder I can’t figure anything out…

  3. Maica says:

    yes, i have a 3rd house jupiter in virgo that doesn’t aspect anything??? don’t know what that means or how it plays out… i have saturn in sag in 5th, something there??

    • cjwright says:

      How does that Jupiter blend with your Pisces placements, Maica? Are there any associations of that Jupiter in Virgo with siblings or aunts and uncles?

      • Maica says:

        I’m not sure, i have a 12th house Cancer sun/merc conjunct and a 4th house Scorpio moon/neptune conjunct so i’ve been told i have a lot of pisces energy. i’m a beginner in astrology. mother has a pisces venus… but aries sun, scorpio moon and it was tough growing up with that!!

        • cjwright says:

          It will clear up for you eventually, Maica. There are some amazing astrologers who’ve commented here and are still learning about their own charts. The wonderful thing about astrology is that we’ll never know everything. There’s always more, and then some.

  4. Donna Cunningham says:

    What an excellent topic, CJ! We can all use a look at things like these. I would say my own blind spot is Chiron. It hadn’t been invented when I first started studying astrology, in fact almost 10 years later. For me it is confused by the fact that it conjuncts my Ascendant, Pluto, and Mars, and so there’s already so much complexity involved with that Ascendant that it’s really hard to tease out what effects come from what planet. Donna

    • cjwright says:

      Well, I think your readers would agree that we see you as a healer in many ways, Donna. It’s not just a perception of you, though. You’re an incredible teacher who encourages us to dig for the real answers, and do it NOW. Catharsis. That’s what you’ve taught me.

  5. Cathie says:

    Very good food for thought. I think mine is mercury in my 7th house gemini. This says “social person” to me with lots of friends and social interactions and I am not overly social and it has never been a big theme in my life and haven’t had the desire to be.

    • cjwright says:

      Do you like your 7th house partners to be social, talkative, and with above average intelligence, or at least an inquisitive nature? I have Merc in the 7th and it’s a typical trait of what I’ve found in all my long-standing relationships. Oh, and my husband’s a Virgo, Mercury-ruled. I like talkers. 🙂

  6. Kim says:

    My hard to grasp spot is my Chiron in 3deg Aquarius in the 10th. The 10th cusp is Cap. Chiron opposes Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and Vesta in the 4th. Septiles Pallas if you’re into asteroids. It’s the only planet in the 10th, so I think it’s probably significant. I have been an art teacher, am now an artist, yet am really into metaphysics and alternative healing (neptune in 6th)
    Great topic here! Love your post 🙂

    • cjwright says:

      Like you and Donna, I don’t really understand my Chiron, either. Someone told me once it was a beautiful placement for Chiron, so I let it be a mystery. It’s in the 12th, so maybe remaining a mystery is enough. That’s not a good astrological answer.

      There’s such a strong line-up in your 4th that Chiron may be overwhelmed to find expression. As an art teacher and artist, though, your Chiron may have touched ~ and healed ~ more people than you know.

  7. nicalyse says:

    Neptune in Capricorn in my 8th house conjuncts Mars and squares my Aries Sun. I’ve heard claims that it “confuses my determination and direction,” but I’m not so sure about that. Then there’s the further facet of it being a generational influence; shouldn’t anyone near my age have that same effect on my Mars in some way?

    • cjwright says:

      Neptune squares my Sun, too, and sometimes I’ve been less sure of who I am than other people I know. They had goals and ambitions that I didn’t. I liked coasting a lot, you know?

      That’s a good question about the generational influence. Surely they don’t all confuse your way.

      • nicalyse says:

        That’s what confuses me about it – I’ve always felt very sure of who I am. I’ve always made decisions about what I wanted, went for it, and attained it. I can’t think of anything in my life that I’ve ever really wanted and not been able to get (except men, but that’s another story).

        Neptune is so slippery, and I find that frustrating. Not only is it my own blind spot, but seems so hard for so many to really write about or explain. It’s all so interconnected that it’s hard to isolate – Jupiter and Mercury (my chart ruler) are in Pisces, which I think further confuses the influence of the planet on the chart as a whole. Maybe it’s something I just need time to fully understand.

  8. Jordan says:

    Well I know my scorpio moon really well. I have a deep and terrible temper that comes out once every few years and scares me to death. But I also have a Libra sun and the sun thing just never clicked with me. I am much more my moon and my ascendant…the sun seems to just be some kind of placeholder.

    • cjwright says:

      What about the placement of Venus, Jordan? Do you identify more with her house or sign than you do with Libra?

  9. Karen says:

    Great topic as always CJ xo I don’t have a blind spot now, but when first learning about my chart, discovering the interpretations of my Capricorn Moon were devastating as I just don’t do depression. Sure, I have a bad day like everyone else but it lasts ‘a day’. It does wind me up in seriousville at times and I have to remind myself to relax!

    That was my biggest blind spot until I met a few others in consultations, believe it or not, who also were not depressive types either!

    • cjwright says:

      I call that “our chart lying to us.” We read things about ourselves (mostly in cookbooks) and start to believe them ~ because we’re just learning. We have to learn the basics somewhere, and “depression” is a typical Capricorn characteristic in most books we read. I can’t remember where I first read that Caps have great senses of humor, and I’ve always found that to be true with my Cap friends and family. Caps can always get me to laugh.

      Amanda Owen addresses this in “Lucky Stars,” her book for teens (and everyone else, IMO). As adults we can process those stereotypes more objectively, but it can set teens up for real problems with their self-esteem.

      • Karen says:

        Oooo I like what she has to say and it is so true! I am glad I hit that wall with my Moon as I like to think it keeps me more open to what people are telling me about their chart, as well as what I have learned with experience. Unjustified authoritative opinion can be so damaging.

  10. cjwright says:

    I have to admit there’s a bit of comfort in knowing I’m not the only one confused about a part of my chart. We’ll probably never figure it all out. But then, maybe one day, poof! The answer will be clear as a bell. I keep hoping…and trying to sneak a peek from underneath the blindfold.

  11. Jonathan says:

    My 00 Aries Sun/North Node in my 8th House (opposite a natal Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in early-Libra)

    I SOOOOO don’t feel like an Aries. I think I more readily recognize myself in my Taurus Moon, but really have a complete blind spot when it comes to this — supposedly — courageous, energetic, bossy, pushy, fearless, Leader of All Men Aries Sun!

    And I really should “get” that Sun as he rules my Leo Ascendant. (sigh) Oh well.

    • cjwright says:

      Having a Taurus Moon myself, Jonathan, I competely understand how strong it manifests in a chart. Maybe you don’t feel those Arian qualities, but I bet you can access them when you need to. You don’t have to be bossy and pushy.

      • Jonathan says:

        Thank you for responding.

        You’re right. And with that Taurus Moon loosely conjunct the Midheaven as well as a Venus/Saturn conjunction in Aries, I probably feel it stronger than most. As for being “bossy or pushy”, well, there are those who would insist I am. LOL I can be stubborn, though, and irritatingly optimistic (which is more than likely an Aries trait).

        But I read about Aries and I just don’t connect. That’s the point I was trying to make, albeit awkwardly.

        • cjwright says:

          I’ll have irritatingly optimistic and a coke to go, please! 🙂 That doesn’t sound bad to me, at all. It means there’s hope ~ one of my favorite things.

  12. Matthew Currie says:

    Careful with your own chart. It’s hard to be objective with yourself. Or, as I often said to my students when teaching Astrology… “even the world’s best surgeon probably shouldn’t take out their own appendix.” 🙂

    • cjwright says:

      Excellent advice, Matthew. It is hard to be objective sometimes. Learning to look from the outside in is crucial. I love your quote!

  13. Lana says:

    What a topic, cj! It does fire the imagination. I don’t have a blind spot that I am aware of! But I can learn something new about my chart every day, and I know that there is so much more to learn about each component and its potential, because every Astrologer that comes along has a different angle. I am open to the fact that one day an Astrologer will help me see my chart in a completely different way.

    • cjwright says:

      Oh, yes, that’s very true, Lana. Everyone has a unique perspective and a special lens that allows us to see our chart differently than we may have seen it before. Those are our Aha! moments. Just recently someone said something (so simple and quite profound) that made me understand a part of my daily life as it relates to my chart. It was like a high beam hit that part of my brain. “Now I get it!” And it was there all along.

  14. Mandi says:

    Great topic!

    For me it’s the Nodes that are my blind spot. I’ve never had an aha moment about them that’s been satisfactory.

    Natally they’re angular ~ N.Node Gemini = ASC / S.Node Sag = DC – so maybe I’m a bit blinded by them and can’t really ‘see them’!

    • cjwright says:

      I’ve got that same axis with my nodes, Mandi. I relied on partners a lot throughout most of my life, all the time feeling that I was ultimately on my own. Putting ourselves first is atypical of women. We (stereotypically, at least) tend to put others first. With that S. Node in the 7th, it’s a hard pattern to break. It’s taken me a very long time to learn that I can tend to others without sacrificing myself. At time, I had to throw a temper tantrum or two to get my needs met, but eventually that evolved into something more mature. I’ve also learned that when I’m engaged in activities related to my 7th house sign, that I can get in trouble or start exhibiting the negative qualities of the sign. It’s best for me to stick with activities related to my Rising sign. But that’s me.

      • Mandi says:

        Thanks CJ, what you say does make a lot of sense, I can really relate, so thanks for the insight…
        “It’s taken me a very long time to learn that I can tend to others without sacrificing myself. At time, I had to throw a temper tantrum or two to get my needs met, but eventually that evolved into something more mature” ~ yes, absolutely! Are you sure you’re not inside my brain? Lol!
        Hope you have a lovely weekend 😀

  15. Steph says:

    First, I don’t have any planets in my first house and I’d like to see how that affects me. Also, what would Jupiter in my 8th house trine my ascendant mean? I’m new at all this and find it SO interesting.

    • cjwright says:

      Hi, Steph. Look at the planet that rules your first house, aka your rising sign or Ascendant. Where is it in your chart? What house, which sign. You’ll get a good idea of how the planet operates and how you use it to make an impression on people.

      To get an idea of how the Ascendant operates, think of it this way. You walk into a room where no one has ever met you before. They will get a first impression of you. What impression is it? That’s your Ascenant at work. Planets in the first house will modify the sign.

      Jupiter trining the Ascendant is almost always a good thing. 🙂

      • Steph says:

        That’s good to know! Thanks! My rising sign is 27 degrees Scorpio, but when I look at my chart, Scorpio is only a little in my first house but completely in my 12th with Pluto there as well. Not sure if this is how it works but thanks for the tips! I’m currently reading “Understanding the Birth Chart” by Kevin Burk so I can become better at this! 🙂

  16. Parin Stormlaughter says:

    Yeah, I got one: Leo Uranus 4th House.

    It makes only one major aspect, trine Sag Sun 8th House. My Sun makes only one major aspect: Uranus. If you count asteroids it’s a tight opp Aquarius Chiron in 10th House.

    It’s Uranus that I simply cannot identify in my chart, not by action or aspect. I know it’s in Leo in 4th House but otherwise, that’s it!

    Well, I did move around a lot when I was growing up. Life here around the house certainly isn’t standard but surely there are more indications of domestic eccentricity than Uranus!

    Just don’t “get” Leo Uranus. 😦

    • cjwright says:

      I’ve got my thinking cap on for you, Parin. There’s so much Uranus in my chart, that I see it everywhere.

  17. Mary Pat Lynch says:

    Joining this topic a little late and enjoying reading what everyone has shared … it sounds like many ‘blind spots’ relate to combinations: planets conjunct, opposite and otherwise interacting, which makes perfect sense, and is where I have to be most careful when reading charts.

    In my own chart, I’ve struggled most with my Sun at 0 Libra, 2nd House, and unaspected … it’s been so hard for me to see myself as a Libra! One astrologer described my Sun as ‘peregrine’ saying it was a classic interpretation for an unaspected planet, and perhaps I would always feel a bit like an exile, which was a huge ‘aha’ for me. But still, there’s my Sun, odd man out seemingly, and tough to integrate 🙂

    Thanks for the insightful discussion here!

    • cjwright says:

      Have you checked to see if your Sun aspects any midpoint(s), Mary Pat? Sometimes they’ll surprise us.

  18. Joyce Mason says:

    Love the topic, CJ! I’m not sure I get my Uranus in Gemini (2nd) quincunx Jupiter in Scorpio (7th). I also suspect that while I think I have an understanding of the rest of my chart, I tend to make my favorite interpretations. There is probably a lot more going on that would benefit from a fresh look, new insights only.

    You’ve given me lots to think about! Thanks for a great post.

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