Full Moon in Taurus ~ A Hunter’s Moon

Taurus the Bull is grounded, earthy, stubborn, persistent, practical, creative, security conscious, and very sensual. Ruling our sense of hearing ~ Taurus hears the call of the muse and the tinkle of the coin.

Taurus signifies our resources (what we have) and our values (what we believe in). Sometimes they’re the same ~ and sometimes, they’re not. Sometimes we deny them, give them up, or perhaps they are taken from us by circumstances. If we are true to our authentic selves, we will not lose site of them or fail to honor them. Not for anything.

If you read my post on Selene, you may remember that I said I preferred her as the Goddess of the Moon rather than Diana. Well…when it comes to Full Moon in Taurus, I just might have to do a little wafting on that. The Hunter’s Moon is the perfect depiction of the sublime partnership between Venus and Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, who later took on a moon goddess role.

This Full Moon received the name, Hunter’s Moon, because it enabled hunters to press on into the night to capture game for the feast that would follow ~ a mark of a secure winter reserve. When things have been reduced to their bare minimum, we must find that we have held on to the one or two things that will sustain us. 

This Full Moon brings an opportunity to explore the valued ~ and hunted ~  in our lives. The Taurus Moon asks a very important question:

What do you value in yourself?

The Full Moon in Taurus will always appear during Scorpio since Full Moons always show us oppositions to the Sun. Taurus sites a trophy in Scorpio’s house ~ there is at least one great trophy to be targeted and claimed now. Use this Full Moon to discover what you value most. Scope it. Site it. Know where it is. When it comes time to draw your arrow, you may discover that you have Diana’s accuracy in this hunt, or you learn that your mark is a bit off.

A big question to ask yourself before letting the arrow fly is, “Is this target what I thought it was?” It is important not to be fooled by your own moonlight (or your passing passions) and to remain persistent in your hunt.

Where is Taurus in your chart? Wherever it is, it signifies a part of your life that needs security while at the same time requiring a lushness that is hard to find anywhere else.

Where is Venus? Wherever she is in your chart, know that she is singing a song made only for your ears. Listen to that song, and be sure you understand the lyrics.

Diana was frequently depicted with a deer or hunting dogs. Though she herself remained chaste and virgin (and required it of her nymphs), she was, nevertheless, the goddess and protector of pregnant women and children. She took no lovers. She guarded what she valued most ~ herself ~ and would not be  compromised.

Diana and Actaeon ~ Giuseppe Cesari

There’s an interesting story associated with Diana and the hunter, Actaeon. He accidentally stumbled upon her while she was bathing, which really angered her. It’s important to understand that he was not spying on her, not stalking her. It was an accident. A bit of Scorpionic revenge erupted in Diana, and she turned the unsuspecting hunter into a stag and allowed his own dogs to kill him. In the painting, you can see that he has already sprouted antlers. Click on the painting to get a closer look.

Even though we’re living through Scorpio days now, the goal of this Hunter’s Moon is not to take quick revenge as Diana did. The goal is to target what it is that is most valuable to you ~ what it is that gives you security and is a voice from which you cannot turn away. When everything else has been stripped away, this is the one thing that you will not let anyone take from you. It’s your dignity, your core self.

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