Full Moon in Aries ~ Last Tango in Libra

Full Moon in Aries
Venus and Mars Draped in a Tango Embrace

Tango ~ Fabian Perez
Tango ~ Fabian Perez

Mars and Venus. Ares and Aphrodite. This is the couple everyone dreams of being ~ stunningly gorgeous, magnetically charming, and madly in love. Everyone wants a piece of them. Anima and animus are never more openly involved in role reversals than at this Full Moon. She is the light of the sun. He is her reflection. Together they glide deliciously across the heavens, embroiled in a chase so seductive, it is engaged only by the gods.

This is no ordinary Full Moon to mediate. This one is spiked with feminine attraction and masculine desire. Their’s is the sultriest dance in the sky, the undeniable pull of blatant, unmanageable lust ~ drawing each other forward, teasing, grasping, and then pushing away. Is it possible to keep your head, gird your loins, and avoid sacrificing your soul in this tantalizing trek into a dance to the death? Who will be the victor ~ beauty or beast?

Venus approaches from behind drawn curtains. Her suitor prances in full shining armor, ready to take the lead. Ahh, this partner is good. He’s strong, in control, and fearless. Aries works furiously to tempt his Libran into abrazo. Is he in for the long haul? Will some other jewel divert his eye? Will her beauty fade? 

Both must stand strong, confident, in an isolated bravura. This is the dance of life, of immortality. Both take the floor. The music begins ~ a soft Argentian guitar that breaks abruptly into a flambouyant and provocatively erotic rhythm, fueling their blood. Is that a bead of sweat on his brow? Are her cheeks beginning to flush? Two people enter. Which, if either, will remain?

Will there be rage when the partners disengage, or will tango turn to waltz as they slip silently away into a dream? Only Spring will tell, and there’s Winter yet to survive. Don’t think about that tonight. Worry about that tomorrow. The harvest is in. The best seeds are stowed. The wine is poured. Dance on, dance on.

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  1. Well the Virgo New Moon energy has about worn me out, but it looks like the Aires Full Moon will be bringing back the energy. Not exactly the kind I wanted as I am already biting my tongue. Yes, I am doing the dance right now.

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