Harvest Moon Celebration ~ Twigging Day

Full Moon over Manhattan
Full Moon over Manhattan

The Harvest Moon is named so because her bright light which allows harvesting all through the night. Nothing compares. I hope you have clear weather so you can watch this beauty travel across the night sky. Start watching several days before so you can watch her growing to fullness. That’s one gorgeous Lady Luna up there in the sky.

There are other things about Harvest Moon time that are pretty special ~ the turning of the seasons, the warmth of the days and coolness of the nights, a sweater tucked in your bag or tied around your waist, the special foods and smells of the autumn. I like Harvest Moon because it brings back fond memories of my days in New York City. The last two years I lived there, I was fortunate to lead a “Moon Group,” a group of women who met once a month to talk about life.

We decided in our second year that we would open our soiree to guests at Harvest Moon. It was a two-fold celebration that began in the afternoon with Twigging Day. My best friend and I started Twigging Day the year before, and it holds a special place in my memory ~ it sits on a little velvet pillow in my heart.

So what is this Twigging Day?

You’ve probably had your own Twigging Day, but didn’t know what to call it. If you’ve ever gone outside to gather up some colorful leaves, little treasures found on the ground, acorns, a branch with berries, and brought them into your nest to place in a bowl or arrangement, you’ve had a Twigging Day. It’s not so much the gathering of the autumn treasures, but the stories and memories that unfold in the process that make the day so memorable. It was our own harvest, recalling the people and situations that were molding our lives. The fruits of the day were not so much what we carried home, but what had grown in our hearts ~ typical talk about work, friends, moms, everyday drags and perks. We shared an appreciation of the times when we had each carried the other when we felt we just couldn’t go on anymore. And so much laughing! We looked like crazy bag ladies, running amok in Central Park, hoisting our bags of twigs, leaves, and rocks. Nature is a glorious thing, and finding that in the city is a real treat.

We had opened our Harvest Moon meeting to guests, but the regular group got together in the afternoon for Twigging Day. Now there were eight crazy bag ladies rummaging through Central Park’s autumn offerings. Back at my apartment, all the potluck foods we had brought to celebrate the season were waiting for last minute touch ups. We heated, sliced, arranged and perfected every morsel. And then the guests arrived.

We spent some time in gratitude, explaining how our guests had offered us inspiration and support, thanking them for the fullness they had brought to our lives. We cried, we laughed, we had a marvelous time. We topped the evening with a dance by our Harvest King and Queen ~ the oldest woman and the youngest man ~ and then slipped into a great party.

It was a bountiful reaping on that night under a Harvest Moon in New York City, the brightest light I’ve known.

Photo by dgphilli from Flicker.com
http://www.flickr.com/photos/dgphilli/ / CC BY-NC 2.0

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  1. Your moon group sounds lovely. I have been watching the moon these past days and she has been beautifully big.

    1. She’s gorgeous! I was out in my backyard last night trying to take her picture. My little camera couldn’t do her justice.

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