Libra ~ Who am I? Who are You?

who am i - Morgan's Tarot

The 7th house, Libra’s domain,  is a mirror to the first. That’s not a newsbreaker. All the opposing houses work that way. However, it may sometimes be a trick mirror ~ like the kind you find in a carnival funhouse. The person you see is you, but the image is distorted, inaccurate.

I’ve held the notion for many years now that our charts can lie to us. They can tell us things about ourselves (or others) that aren’t necessarily true. We buy into an idea that we’ve read in a astrological cookbook, or we look for qualities that are determined to be “good” or “bad” and take them as the truth when maybe…just maybe…they aren’t. That’s not about denial. It’s about understanding. Perhaps we misunderstand the symbols or we superimpose an idea of a sign or a planet onto the wrong symbol and create a stereotype which is, in essence, a funhouse distortion.

I also believe our 7th house is ~ at the same time ~ the biggest, clearest mirror we have, and that one of the best ways we can see ourselves is through the eyes of others, even our enemies. In reality we see what we want to see ~  no matter what the truth is. It’s a glamour job ~ a spell, a romantic enchantment meant to trick or mislead our eyes. What we have to remember is that the eyes we’re looking into are going to find what they’re looking for, too, and it may not be who we really are. Bring out the windex. Wipe off the glass. Let’s get a closer look.

Did you ever do a chart on someone you didn’t like much and find ~ aha! ~ that all those things you thought were awful about them were confirmed by their chart? I did. It was early on in my astrology studies and, fortunately, I got past that. I’ve also found a lot of glamour in charts of the ones I love and cherish. It worked both ways. I was looking for confirmation, for validation, and I found what I was looking for. We always do. But it takes more than a chart to find out who people really are. Everybody has a story behind the little squiggles and astrologese that “explains” them. Finding a balance in the interpretation of the symbols is crucial. How can we ever be sure?

I know of an astrologer who told someone who had an extramarital affair that they should have had more. Does this make any sense at all? What was this astrologer looking for? Did this astrologer have something against Libra, commitment, honesty in marriage, honesty in general, or need validation for themself? Is this astrologer God of the Squiggles and so advanced in their skills that they can tell a person what they should have been? (Read Donna Cunningham’s post on The Awful Things Astrologers Say to Clients  on Skywriter.)

Is this what we do to our friends, our family, our lovers, our enemies, and ourselves when we choose the funhouse distortion as a definitive source? As human beings, are we capable of finding Libra’s required balance? A teacher once gave this lesson about finding what we’re looking for. It’s not politically correct, but it makes a point: “Perhaps you are in love with someone who says that they love everybody, they accept everyone. But you know that they don’t like Chinese people. They tell you how much they love you again and again, that they will love you till the end of time. And then one day, your lover looks into your eyes and you look just like a little old Chinese lady.” Let’s get out that Windex again. The mirror’s cloudy. Wow! They are hard to keep clean.

I picked up a book while browsing the other day ~ Instant Analysis by David J. Lieberman. It lists 100 questions about common behavior and seeks to explain them. The first question pondered is “Why do I always stare at myself in the mirror?” Lieberman explains, “This comes from a need for external verification of your feelings.” That’s Libra, our 7th house! An external verification. A validation that we’re real, not invisible, we really do exist. Our friends, our lovers, our enemies, and our own eyes prove it. We’ve seen ourselves in the mirror and we are real. Aren’t we? 

Morgan’s Tarot (c)1970, 1983 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. by Morgan Robbins and illustrated by Darshan Chorpash Zenith.

8 thoughts on “Libra ~ Who am I? Who are You?

  1. This is another great article I forwarded on for to others to read.
    Great job, C.J.

  2. but what about those of us who can’t see ourselves in the mirror; unless they force themselves, like making a kid eat spinach? (moon in 7th house)

    1. I don’t remember Lieberman addressing that in his book, Mimi. I wonder if it’s similiar to someone being unable to look at photos of themself, hating every photo of themself they see?

  3. Ironically, I don’t have problems with photos! 🙂 and I’m not ugly! Just don’t look in the mirror.

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