Virgo and Labor Day

Many of us will be squeezing in some fun activities during this “farewell to summer” weekend while others will be working. Virgo represents the workers of the world, so let’s keep them in mind as they go about the business of making things easier for those of us with the days off. If you happen to be working this weekend, bless you! You are appreciated.

Laborer's Hands by Doris Ulmann
Laborer's Hands by Doris Ulmann

I’m always grateful for the folks who make my vacation time and holidays easy. Without their services, I’d be much more tired and not having nearly as much fun. So if I go out to dinner, I’ll add an extra 10% to the tip. Using public transportation? Someone’s minding the wheels that get me where I want to go. I remind myself to be patient if I encounter delays. If I’m home watching tv, there are folks at the stations who are making sure I get my tube time in without interruption. Thanks to all the bird men out there monitoring the satellites and beaming whatever I want back to me. As a matter of fact, here’s a great big THANK YOU to everyone who’s minding the store while I get to sit back and relax.

Labor Day was born on the backs of everyone who’s ever had a job, even if they didn’t earn a cent for doing it. Read the article by astrologer Patricia Lantz on the history of Labor Day and the labor unions, Labor Day was Born in an Attempt to Please the Working People of America on her site at the Atlanta Examiner.

The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people. ~ Cesar Chavez

Did you know that the state minimum wage in Kansas is $2.65? That’s not a typo. It really is $2.65. Now, most people are earning more than that, but the state’s minimum wage hasn’t been increased since 1988. Can you imagine? Kansas’ wage will be brought up to the federal minimum in January 2010, but shouldn’t they have joined the 20th Century while still in the 20th Century? Read more from the Joplin Globe.

To everyone, working or not, I hope you get to see that great big glorious Pisces moon tonight. It was astonishing last night. She’ll start hiding from us now, retreating again. Next time she’s full, she’ll be the biggest and brightest of the year ~ Harvest Moon, October 3rd.

4 thoughts on “Virgo and Labor Day

  1. I love that idea about adding an extra bit to tips on Labor Day–it has to be a drag to work on a holiday while your buds are off at the beach. I’d also like to put in a word for wait people who are stuck serving food that isn’t well prepared or on really busy times in a restaurant when it’s incredibility busy and you have to wait and wait for your food. It’s not the wait person’s fault in either case–they’re not cooking your food, so don’t deduct from their tip if you’re angry.
    I always say that you can tell a good deal about a person, especially a date, by how they treat wait people–if they’re nasty and demanding with them, just wait until you let them get closer and take you for granted. Same like how they treat their mother–and both of them are indicative of the Moon sign.
    Happy Labor Day, Auntie–celebrate work well done on this blog. Donna

  2. Yes, waiters get all the complaints. Anytime I’m unhappy with the food, I make sure the waiter understands that I know it’s not their fault. They’ll usually explain what’s going on in the kitchen and do their best to make it right.

    A Happy Labor Day to you, too, Donna. Find some time to take it easy.

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