12 Things to Do When the Sun Transits Cancer

Each time the sun moves into a new sign, make a To Do list that fits the sign and house the sun is transiting. During the sign of Cancer, put these 12 things at the top of your list. 

  1. Let go of an old hurt
  2. Spruce up your home
  3. Create a sacred space
  4. Talk to a special woman in your life
  5. Pull out your scrapbooks, photo albums, memory books
  6. Research your family tree
  7. Visit your childhood neighborhood, if possible, or take a walk down memory lane
  8. Enjoy comfort food
  9. Cook at home
  10. Get a seaweed wrap or salt scrub
  11. Visit the ocean, even if only virtually 
  12. Cuddle ~ with people, pets, or projects

And a bonus for the ladies … buy a great fitting and great looking bra. bra and tap pants

Throw out the old tattered ones and the ones that don’t fit anymore. Have one that’s been in your drawer for years that you can’t force yourself to get rid of? Now’s the time. Maybe it’s a little tight, or the straps pull, or it doesn’t look good under your tops. Throw it out! No more straps with stray elastic threads poking out everywhere, no more dingy whites, or dented cups. If you have one piece of really great underwear, make it a bra. It will improve your silhouette and your self-image. If you’ve never had a bra fitted, treat yourself and go to a good lingerie store. They’ll get you in the right size, and it will make all the difference in the world. You know what they say, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” Well, if the bra doesn’t, don’t!

5 thoughts on “12 Things to Do When the Sun Transits Cancer

  1. Love the 12 step program…LOL Will be trying to do this all day long and hope to finish the list. Will call my Mother for my birthday. I am all prepared for the second new Moon. I am planning on this being the beginning of a whole new direction for my life.

    Love your blog as it seems like it is just for me! That sounds like a Cancer. 🙂

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