Libra ~ Peace, Man

Peace is an inside job. ~ Stephanie Austin Oct/Nov 2009 issue of The Mountain Astrologer What a day! President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and it’s John Lennon’s birthday. This is one magic Libra moment! Peace is Libra’s ultimate goal which springs from her desire for partnership and the union of opposites. To celebrate this special … More Libra ~ Peace, Man

Libra ~ Astrological Symbolism of “Gone with the Wind”

When Margaret Mitchell wrote “Gone with the Wind,” she gave us the most passionately romantic couple of the 20th century. Would it surprise you to know that Mitchell was a Scorpio with Venus in Libra? Would that remind you of Scarlett O’Hara just a tiny little bit? Libra seems a fitting time to honor this bedazzling … More Libra ~ Astrological Symbolism of “Gone with the Wind”

Libra ~ The Awakening

Several years ago, I received this inspiring article from a dear friend in an email message. (Thank you, Minu.) I thought it was appropriate to pass it along during Libra since it addresses so many issues that arise when we are caught up in the drama of relationships. Though I have seen the piece on several … More Libra ~ The Awakening