Get New Year’s Resolutions Achieved with a Strong Saturn Attack

We had a little problem with fleas at our house one summer, so I asked the county extension agent about the best way to get rid of them. His response was fast, “First and foremost–diligence.” Fleas are nasty little pests that lay eggs which are programmed to hatch and attack the moment they sense movement. That’s why they can survive in an empty house for years unhatched and hungry. You move in, your movement awakens the sleeping beasts, and you’re a hot nutritious lunch. Treatment can vary, but the absolute requirement is, indeed, diligence. We beat the little B<*&#^!ds and they haven’t been back.

That’s a Saturn attack! It was chock full of diligence, dedication, and determination.

New Year’s resolutions come during Capricorn, the perfect time to set up a lofty goal. Capricorn isn’t a goal setter. It’s the goal meeter, willing to site lofty heights with great intentions and full-follow through. Most of us get a little taste of goal setting at this time of year through our resolutions. The problem is, many of us give in to the Aquarian rebel that follows close on Cap’s heels. We find boredom, another project, or a good revolutionary excuse to drop the diligence. As in, “You can’t make me do that!”

Diligence is the solution that has to be applied to any pest you want to fully eradicate, whether they’re vermin or personal poisons. As we near the New Year, lots of us start making resolutions. Here are some of the top resolutions people make:

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