Sun in Libra: Sept 22-Oct 23, 2022

The Sun enters Libra on September 22 at 9:04pm EDT. Any time the Sun reaches zero degrees of a cardinal sign makes it an important date in the astrological calendar. This particular point in the zodiac (00Libra) is called the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Vernal (Spring) Equinox in the Southern.


The sign of the scales is about justice, diplomacy, refinement, and rationality. Libra is not “love.” That’s the domain of Venus, ruler of Libra. Venus and Libra qualities sometimes get interchanged. Venus is the What (love) and Libra is the How (rationally, seeking harmony). Venus loves differently depending upon her sign.

The house ruled by Libra in the natural wheel of the horoscope is the seventh, the  house of long-term relationships (good or bad) such as marriage or business partners. This association with marriage is another reason Libra gets tagged as love, but everyone doesn’t love their spouse and business partners can be the farthest thing from love. In “once upon a time” days, marriage and business were essentially the same with bartering and negotiation top priorities. Romantic love is more appealing to most of us, I would guess, although there are still plenty of marriage/business partnerships.

During Libra season, take some extra time to celebrate the relationships you cherish and try to improve the ones that are problematic. ❤ ❤ ❤

Astrological Events during Libra 2022

  • September 23: Mercury Rx. Mercury has been Rx since September 9th in Libra. On the 23rd, it dips back into Virgo. It will travel back to 24Virgo before turning direct again.
  • September 29: Venus enters Libra
  • October 2: Mercury stations at 24 Virgo for several days before returning to direct motion. Stations indicate stalled action, so anything happening in your Virgo house might get held up for a while. Expect forward progress to begin on the 25th/26th.
  • October 10: Mercury (re)enters Libra
  • October 22: Saturn turns direct at 18Aquarius.

New Moon / Full Moon

The New Moon at 02Libra is on September 25th at 5:55pm EDT. You may not have considered this, but New Moons rank second in importance to the Sun’s entry into each sign. They’re big deals–both Sun and Moon share the same qualities. The Sun exhibits the qualities outwardly and the Moon feels them internally. It’s celestial harmony. New Moon themes for Libra include partnerships, close relationships, spouse or partner, negotiations and mediations, balance and harmony. If you’re working with Venus, themes include beauty, artistic endeavors, charm and–here it is–love.

The Full Moon is on October 9th, 4:55pm EDT, at 16Aries. This is the Hunter’s Moon. Other names for this Moon include Blood Moon (noting the blood spilled during the Hunter’s Moon, not the eclipse), Raven Moon, Blackberry Moon, and Leaves Falling Moon. Sometimes I think of this as the Full Tango Moon because of the lustful Libra*Aries/Venus*Mars dance through the skies.