Venus in Libra 2022

Venus will enter her home sign of Libra on September 29th and stay through October 23rd. Libra can be very charming which gives Venus an increased ability to cast a love spell, drawing the object of her desire nearer and nearer until she owns it heart and soul. We’ve all seen this ability in action, whether we liked it or not. Hollywood loves it–it’s the recipe for the love goddess or Adonis of the silver screen–it’s star power–and hard to resist.

In our more down to earth daily lives, we may find that something is completely irresistible and we absolutely have to have it whether we need it or not. Does it matter if it’s out of our price range? Which is more important–the mortgage or the trinket? It may be hard to be rational when we find something or someone so tempting. Think it through. You may find a more suitable item at a better price.