Full Moon in Gemini, The Full Cold Moon

Happy Full Moon! This is the Full Cold Moon in Gemini, exact tonight (12/18/21) at 11:36pm ET. Since we are very close to the Winter Solstice, the nights have already grown long. That makes the December Moon the one that is the longest in duration since the night is a long one. That’s why this Full Moon is sometimes called The Long Nights Moon. It’s also known as the Oak Moon and sometimes The Moon before Yule.

What we call our Full Moons is relative. The Full Cold Moon is the most prominent name in the U.S., but it’s very warm where I live making it hard to relate. The nights are long, though. Whether it’s cold or not, most of us can relate to spending more hours indoors which can lead to introspection. As someone with a history of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I think the Full Try Not to Get Depressed Moon is a pretty good name for this one, actually.

This is also the Full Moon in Gemini. Adaptability is an issue for whatever project we may be working on at this Full Moon. I’ve spent a good part of the very early morning focusing on how I can adapt my schedule to be more productive. I’m wasting a lot of time. Not having a schedule brings plenty of freedom, which is nice. But…I’m also without deadlines which can bring on a rambling lack of focus. One thing that our adaptable Gemini Moon can use to its advantage is the ability to quickly discern what’s happening in the moment. He gathers information, using all five (maybe six) senses, and comes to a concise understanding. While more words may better suit Gemini’s interests, he is able to pare it all down, if necessary.

I believe I’ve rambled my way out of my own territory and will stop while I’m ahead. Have a wonderful Full Moon and may bright Moon blessings light your way.