Capricorn 2021/22

Welcome, Winter! The Seagoat rings out the old and rings in the new beginning with the Winter Solstice and the Sun’s entry into Capricorn on December 21, 2021, at 10:59am ET. The Moon is in Cancer until late afternoon when she moves into Leo.

The last aspect the Cancer Moon makes is an opposition to the newly retrograde Venus in Capricorn. Last minute Christmas shopping may not be productive this year, especially if you’re hunting luxury items. Venus Rx also has a knack for bringing people back into our lives. Consider carefully if you want to renew those relationships.

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Events of note during Capricorn are the New Moon on January 2nd and the Full Wolf Moon in Cancer on the 17th. The New Moon’s themes include authority (ours and other authorities in our lives), our reputation (public life), and dependability, among many other things. Coming so close to the New Year, resolutions may be on your mind. With this New Moon, starting over or completely new beginnings need a certain amount of trustworthiness to them. Can you depend on them? Are they reliable? Small steps may lead to faster results and greater achievement in 2022 than grand strides.

The Full Moon in Cancer on January 17th is the Wolf Moon. I try not to think of the Wolf Moon as danger or a threat, but as hunger. Ask yourself, “what am I hungry for?” with this Wolf Moon. What can you begin at the New Moon that will help feed that hunger by the Full Moon?