Full Moon in Virgo ~ Spring Cleaning

It seems a little too obvious and boring to associate Virgo with cleaning. “Clean out your sock drawer!” “Throw out your expired medications!” “Organize your food pantry!” BORING! Most of us want more depth to a full moon than that kind of advice. Tell me about my love life, for gawd’s sake!

That cleaning advice has become so cliché. But…I gotta tell ya…clichés are clichés because they’re true.

IF your spring cleaning hankering has momentarily taken precedence over your love life, the Virgo Full Moon will help you get it together. Here are three tips to get you started. Three doesn’t sound like a lot, but they’re jam-packed:

  • Full Moons are about letting go, getting rid of, releasing. In Virgo, that sounds like spring cleaning to me. My body is attuned to that rhythm. For those in the southern hemisphere, this goes for you, too, but you’ll be focused on autumn cleaning. I get the same urge in the autumn as I do in the spring as we get ready for cooler months up here. Start by throwing out something yucky.
  • If you made Virgo Full Moon water, you have a fantastic base to use with all your cleaning fluids: floor washes, door washes, window cleaners, countertop sprays, room fresheners, home made pest deterrents, and so on. If you prefer the DIY approach for cleaning supplies, make a BIG bottle of Virgo Moon water to last a while.
  • Don’t forget pet care. I took my kitties to the vet to get their nails trimmed and flea meds applied on the Virgo Full Moon. So, if you have a schedule for pet grooming, it’s not a bad idea to schedule it at the Full Moon or in the waning phase. Let’s get rid of those sharp pointy or clanky nails and keep those nasty pests at bay. Don’t forget a litter box overhaul, freshening up pet bedding, and the special care that birds, fish, and other critters require. Remember the outdoor feeders, too.

Those three tips turned into a lot! Now…where to start.

Start at the beginning by clearing the clutter and throwing out anything you don’t need/use anymore. And it doesn’t have to be done in one day. Consider the two weeks after the Full Moon for this decluttering process and the two weeks after the next New Moon for putting the shine on everything. That’s a whole month to get it done.

The one Virgo characteristic that I advise you to avoid is the tendency toward perfectionism. Faced with getting things perfect may prevent you from starting at all. And don’t be afraid of a mess. You have to make a mess to get things sparkling.

If you enjoy rituals with your New and Full Moons, here’s one for Virgo: Magickal Space Clearing with Virgo.

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