New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Dec 3/4, 2021

New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle and represent the opportunity to make a fresh start in our daily lives. Working with the themes of a New Moon’s zodiac sign is not a prerequisite, but it can give our effort a boost in the right direction. This boost propels us toward manifestation/illumination at the Full Moon two weeks later.

Themes for Sagittarius include:

  • Adventure
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Laws
  • Freedom
  • Optimism
  • Advanced education
  • Search for the truth

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse is at 12° Sagittarius. To bring a deeper connection to events for you personally, look to the house in your natal chart where this degree resides. Here’s a chart to help you with that if you need it: HOUSES.

This is the second decan of Sagittarius which adds some Aries qualities to amp up this New Moon. It brings an eagerness, impetuousness, or increased drive to the Sagittarian qualities of adventure and expansion.

Solar Eclipses are similar to New Moons, but different. They are a magnification of the New Moon’s energy in a longer period of time. Effects can last up to a year.

Does this mean that we’re all doomed to suffer some kind of unknown “hex” of sorts due to a solar eclipse? Of course not. Most of us will probably not be affected at all. Even fewer will be affected if you agree with the theory that if you aren’t in the direct path of the eclipse, there will be no effects whatsoever. I agree with that theory, but you may have experienced it differently. The only way to be sure is to note the effects of a series of eclipses and see if it’s true for you.

The Dec 3/4 solar eclipse “sweeps across Antarctica on December 4, 2021. People located at the southernmost tips of South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand will experience the partial phases.” (source: EarthSky) This leaves only a small percentage of the world population in the direct path of this solar eclipse. Write down what happens to you in the next 6-12 months that you believe is associated with this eclipse.

If you have planets in alignment with 12° Sagittarius, you may notice more effects.

Download THESE PAGES and make your own journal for this New Moon/Solar Eclipse:

Moon Phases

The New Phase lasts through December 7th. The waxing moon phase dates are: