New Moon Journal for Sagittarius 2021

Happy New Moon! This post contains a gift for all of you who journal or who would like to start. Download the free pdf containing the pages to make the journal here or by clicking on the image below. I’ll be publishing an article on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse very soon and will link it.

I don’t keep a big journal, so I find making these little booklets are fun and helpful. A quick flip-through video shows you how I put it together for myself using the cover for the December 4th date. (There are covers for both December 3 and 4 since the date of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse depends on which time zone you are in.) Following the video are some very brief instructions on constructing the journal.

I’m hoping to create a few more pages to add to the journal as the lunation continues. Check back once in a while to see if there’s anything you’d like to print.

I suggest printing the covers and cut-aparts on card stock or heavy-weight paper, though it’s not necessary.

Here’s a close-up of the cut-aparts. I’m using the empty address space on the postcard to write down my New Moon wishes but you may prefer to write them on a page. There are also Moon Phases, a general description of the Sagittarius New Moon, some keywords, and a recipe to make a special pillow/room spray for Sagittarius.

Constructing the Journal

  1. Print the outside and inside covers double-sided or print them single-sided and glue or sew them together to create the cover.
  2. Cut out the cut-aparts if you want to make pockets, belly-bands, or journaling cards.
  3. I made a small pocket on the inside front cover and a page-length pocket on the back cover.
  4. I used six sheets of tea-dyed notebook paper, folded in half.
  5. Cut a small slit about 1/2″ at the top and bottom of the folded pages and cover.
  6. Cut a piece of string about 3 times the length of the page.
  7. Slip the string into the slits and around the pages and tie.

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