Moon in Virgo: Nov 26-29, 2021

Poor Virgo Moon will never get this mess of aspects sorted out to her liking. They’re all over the place!

The Moon enters Virgo on the evening of the 26th waking to a stressful Saturday morning. She’s in conflict with both the Sun and her ruler, Mercury. It’s a good time to carefully weigh your words, making sure that you say what you mean. An evening trine to Uranus re-emphasizes this in a different way. Trines bring ease and Uranus brings surprise. Again, it’s a good time to gauge your thoughts and words. Words never go away.

Sunday, the 28th, isn’t a bad day. Supportive aspects from Venus, Mars, and Pluto give the Virgo Moon incentive and confidence. But in the middle of the day, an opposition from Neptune has Virgo worried about what’s right and everything that’s wrong. She leaves Virgo in the wee hours of Monday morning, the 29th, and begins a happier day in Libra.