New Moon in Taurus 2017: Tools for the Lunation

As I write this, it’s the morning after a very steady night-long rain. The sky is still gray, cloud-covered. The yards in my woodsy neighborhood are dense with a magnificent variety of green foliage, the branches of the trees bending closer and closer to the ground under the weight of the rainwater. This rainy day mix of earth and water is a wonderful metaphor for the Moon in Taurus, the most earthbound of the signs.

The Moon finds a steadying influence in Taurus. She’s more practical and is quite capable of finding and using physical resources. She teams with Venus to adorn the earth with colors, textures, scents, and pleasures for all our senses. Not just a drudge-laden workhorse, the Moon in Taurus revels in all the earthly comforts and indulgences that Venus can supply. Taurus builds the nest that  Cancer will come to protect as home. Together they create the foundations of heritage, tradition, and security.


Anything we can put our hands on can be a tool for the Taurus Lunation. If you can touch it, you can use it. But first, before you can touch it, you must own it. Then you can turn it into something practical for daily use, beautify it and call it art, or turn it under in the garden to nurture the plants that provide our daily food. The question of ownership is a top priority of Taurus. Is it mine, or does it belong to someone else (Scorpio)? If it’s mine, how can I go about increasing its value? If it’s not mine, how do I get it? These are questions that might arise during the Taurus Lunation. As in the Capital One tv ad, Taurus asks, “What’s in your wallet?”

Venus/Aphrodite as goddess of money

When goddesses are discussed, the first one most people think of when it comes to love and beauty is Venus, aka Aphrodite. But make no mistake about it, this chick is definitely into ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching. How else is she going to afford all those delicious luxuries she finds impossible to live without?

I don’t think Venus was ever on a budget, but the rest of us probably are. Take some time during this lunation to assess how your opinions on money affect your sense of self-worth. Can you find your self-image reflected back to you through Aphrodite’s mirror? Does your opinion about yourself vary depending on whether you’re broke or flush?

Symbols of Taurus


The Taurus Cheat Sheet is loaded with info on the various symbols of Taurus. Maybe a few of them will appeal to you as you navigate the Taurus Lunation.

New Moon Workbook for the Taurus Lunation

It’s easy to get sidetracked and forget about our New Moon wishes. Setting intentions is easy. Sticking to them may not be. “I intended to . . .”

The Manifesting New Moon Dreams work book for Taurus can help you connect with your dreams and wishes every single day. Setting a daily intention based on the Moon’s phase and daily zodiac sign, you’ll stay focused on your original vision. If you have a habit of setting an intention ~ and also a habit of not sticking with it ~ this workbook should help you stay on track.

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  1. Fascinating. Lunar return for me soon. Apparently this new moon is a very positive one for change. The moon must be making contact with Uranus about now on her way to the Taurus new.

    1. The Uranus transit of Aries has had a lot to do with the middle east and our reliance on oil, I have long thought

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