Manifest Your New Moon Dreams: Workbook for the Taurus Lunation 2017

Taurus is the part of us that does our best to create serenity, comfort, and consistency. Being a fixed earth sign, Taurus is concerned with the idea of in perpetuity, foreverness, immortality of the physical.

As Venus’ expression of comfort, value, and sensory preferences, Taurus represents our comfort levels and the type of objects we gather around ourselves. It is the forms, textures and colors we find most pleasing ~ our sense of aesthetics. It is also our traditions, either accepted or rejected, and the homage we pay them, as well as the security and self-worth we derive from money and ownership. Taurus’ motto is “I Have.” It follows Aries’ “I Am” setting up the boundaries of Me and Mine. Put another way, Aries and Taurus proclaim “This is Me and This is My Stuff.”

The Taurus lunation encourages us to examine our relationship to physical objects, money, and the sustainability of our endeavors.

If you make New Moon wishes or set intentions for every lunation only to see them drift away or be forgotten, working with Daily Intentions can help you stick to your plan, accomplish your goals, and realize your dream.

Sample pages. See Complete Table of Contents below.

This New Moon work book takes you way beyond forming a New Moon wish or intention. Every day of the lunation becomes a support system for your New Moon dream. Using the Moon’s sign and phase each day will keep you connected, encouraging you to take a tiny step toward reaching your New Moon dream.

If you find that you fall off the New Moon wagon, use the daily prompts to get back on track. Start any time. The dream is always there.

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Table of Contents

Taurus, the Bull
Pisces is Fixed Earth
Pisces Lunation Moon Phases Chart
Four Steps to Creating Your New Moon Dream
Connecting to the Moon through Ritual
Moon Phases and Daily Intentions
Create Your Daily Intention Instructions
Keywords for Signs
Tools for the Taurus Journey (people, places, things, and more)
Moon Phases and New Moon Intentions Video
Where’s the Light Appearing? (houses)
Putting it all Together
Design a New Moon Ritual
Ideas for Your Taurus Ritual: Candle, Gems and Crystals, Flowers, Herbal Sachets
The Sensual Side: Oil Blends for Taurus, Sensuous Rose Bath Crystals Recipe, Foods and Teas for your Ritual
New Moon Journal Page
New Moon Phase
Crescent Moon
First Quarter Moon
Gibbous Moon
Full Moon in Scorpio: Standard Release Ceremony, Scorpio Moon Water
Full Moon Magic
Full Moon Journal Page
Full Moon Phase
Disseminating Moon
Last Quarter Moon
Balsamic Moon
Old Moon
Acknowledgements and References

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