New Moon Intentions vs. Reality

There’s something really wonderful about New Moon intentions. We set a goal for ourselves that fits the theme of the New Moon by its zodiac sign. Then we look at our natal chart to find out which house the New Moon will hit.

This past New Moon was in my 12th house, in Capricorn, and one of my intentions was to focus on spiritual (12th) authority (Capricorn). Let me mention that I associate spirituality with the 12th house and religion with the 9th.

I’ve certainly been given the opportunity to take a look my intentions during the past 10 days. In reality, though, my experience has been much more mundane. It does, however, fit the house that the New Moon was in.

For me, it was the 12th. Places that are signified by the 12th are hospitals, institutions, and invalids. I actually spent the past New Moon (January 11th) admitting my mother-in-law to the hospital. She was there until yesterday when she was discharged to a nursing home (institution) for all kinds of therapy. She’s 90 and has suffered a stroke. Yes, she is now essentially an invalid. My husband and I spent a good part of the day in the admission process at the nursing home, at the hospital, and removing some things from her assisted living facility ~ another institution, of sorts. We joke that it’s a sorority for old ladies since there isn’t a single male resident at the facility. Believe me, the ladies like it that way.

Xmas Peabo
Peabo in the Christmas Wreath

The New Moon opposed my Sun in the 6th. Astrology has a way of asserting itself whether we want it to or not.

Sophia Mason has a fantastic book, Forecasting with New, Full and Quarter Moon. I pulled it out for the first time in ages and read her assessment of the 12th/6th opposition. She reminded me that pets are associated with the 6th. Being a big-time animal person, did I really need reminding of that? Apparently.

Today I spent a couple hours at the vet. My bobtail cat was suddenly leaning to the right and falling over. He just kept doing it, over and over again. I’m certainly not going to let something like that go unattended, so I found myself in another hospital-like situation.

So, there you have it. Intentions vs. Reality. It would have been nice to only have to work on the intentions, but reality doesn’t always care much about intentions. Reality cares about action.

How has the New Moon played out for you so far? I’d love to hear about house events that popped up for you. We’ll be looking the Full Moon in the eye in just a few days. I do hope there are bright moon blessings in those golden rays.

9 thoughts on “New Moon Intentions vs. Reality

  1. how’s your cat doing???
    ok, that new moon was in my 9th house and I guess I am trying to understand my relationship with the planet (spirituality) AND make some travel plans!!! So I booked a flight to florida to see my aunt and and old friend, and I am taking a yoga class.

    1. He’s doing okay, I think. He hasn’t lost his appetite and he doesn’t act like he feels bad. He’s just lost his balance. Maybe an inner ear infection. I hope that’s it. The other possibilities aren’t so good.

      Okay! Travel plans. That’s 9th house. Third house is aunts and uncles. So there you go.

  2. You sure have had a lot going on CJ. Hope the cat is better and you get your mil settled. Better days ahead I hope. New moon in my 7th, but nothing unusual going on.

    1. Hey, Susie! Good to hear from you. It’s been a roller coaster recently. Anything happening with your 1st ~ health, body, appearance?

  3. Intentions, indeed. With that New Moon in Cap, New Years resolutions should be strengthened, but they so seldom last as long as the next NM. I learned not to make NY resolutions long ago, better to be honest with oneself!

    What I did instead for many years was to make a list of things I wanted to accomplish in the course of the year, all realizable goals. In time, the list would get buried in one of my “piles,” and I would forget about it. Then, maybe in August or so, I’d get one of those pile-clearing attacks and come across it. And usually I would have already finished most of the list.

    Such is the power of intention. Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention, really helps hone that power. Donna

    1. No more New Year’s resolutions for me, either, Donna. I’m old enough now to know what I can and cannot do. 🙂

      I firmly believe that intentions are what successfully propel us toward our goals, but when reality bites ~ well, I just had to pass the news on.

  4. Hope Peabo is doing better! I am having a cannot remember moment, so I am not sure if NM was 6 or 7th. One thing I have always wondered though is, do we put the Event in our chart, or do we use the Event chart as the basis for prediction?
    I am still puzzling over this…

    1. The New Moon was January 11th, a Friday. I look at the New and Full Moons as transits, so whatever house they’re transiting is where the events will occur. And the closely aspected planets need attention, too.

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