Aries, There’s a Libra in Your Closet

For every Libra, there’s an Aries in the closet.
~ Bil Tierney, Lecture

And vice versa.

LIBRA (Photo credit: KTDEE….back on track I hope.)

We know that every sign contains bits and pieces of its opposite, but Bil’s phrasing was spot on. Perhaps the Full Moon is when the closet door is opened wide and that hidden Libra rushes out. The rest of the time the door is shut tight ~ no light in that dark little room.

We could say that about all opposing signs.

IMO, the Aries/Libra axis is one of the most interesting in the zodiac. Everything can be in order or completely upside down.

Take Aries and Libra rising, for example. Aries rising has Libra on 7th house. Are they looking for a partner who needs a partner, or is Aries more of a partner than we think? You know the type ~ all ablaze on the outside, but a real teddy-bear underneath.

The Libra rising chart is completely topsy-turvy, 100% upside down. Is Libra rising looking for a partner who is independent, active, and otherwise Arian? Or is Libra Rising too independent, active, and otherwise Arian as a partner? You know this type, too ~ charming and amenable on the outside, but rather disagreeable and selfish when you get them alone.

Aries and Libra rising could work either way, of course, or another way altogether. None of us were made with a cookie cutter.

How is Libra Hidden in Your Chart?

Full Moons are the best time of year to take a good close look at the polarities in our charts. Full Moon in Libra is the best time to take notice of the Aries/Libra polarities in the spring. The Full Moon in Aries in the autumn is another chance.

Since everything is said to come to light during the Full Moon, our closeted Libra is likely to show up. It’s a naturally good time to see what kind of Libra we’re brandishing in our own chart.

12 thoughts on “Aries, There’s a Libra in Your Closet

  1. Boy, can I relate! With all of my Libra placements corresponding to other points directly opposite in Aries (including my North and South Nodes), I’m a walking, talking example of this. Even my progressed Libra rising (which is currently conjunct my natal Libra Sun) fits.

    I’m hoping my 2nd house Libra values, including my love of truth, justice, kindness (and often, reciprocity), came across more gracefully and less forcefully during this Full Moon. So far, my 8th house Aries placements haven’t felt the need to independently ‘carry the load’ the way they sometimes do, nor do I feel as emotionally charged and attached – even beneath the surface where people can’t see in.

  2. I’ve explored this Aries-Libra tension for a long time – I have South Node Aries and North Node Libra (3rd house). Finding a relationship with a balance of closeness and independence has been very difficult – but my Venus is conjoined Pluto so would not give up! (But Moon/Ascendant conjunct Uranus need some space…) Really no choice but to find a way to integrate the two. I’m in a relationship now with an Aries guy who has some good Libra (including Jupiter in Libra on my North Node) and that’s been working well going on 4 years. 🙂

    1. Hi Les – I know we’ve talked before about our astrological similarities (my South Node in Aries is in the 8th and my Ceres, North Node, Venus and Sun are in Libra in the 2nd), so I relate to your struggle to find that perfect balance of energies, although my challenges have played out a little differently. Thankfully, my Scorpio husband satisfies my 8th house need for passion and intimacy, only with a bit more depth and follow-through. I’m not knocking Aries, some of my best friends are born under this sign – it’s just that romantically, there was always some essential ingredient missing for me. Ironically, my relationship with my husband has forced me to look at some of the deeper issues behind my contradictory need to merge while still maintaining a degree of autonomy. It’s scary to be so totally immersed in an interdependent relationship.

      My husband’s rising is Taurus, and his Mercury in LIbra is in mutual reception with his Venus in Virgo – that helps satisfy many of my 2nd house Libra longings for stability, commitment and love. Additionally, we share several other very close astrological conjunctions between our personal planets, including some in Scorpio and Aquarius – thus our mutual need for both intimacy and space. That helps a lot.:)

      1. Hey LB! I imagine most people have challenges in balancing intimacy and autonomy, but some of us have more issues around it than others! I’m glad you found someone with a good combination of energies for you – it’s healing when that happens, isn’t it?
        Thanks for this post, CJ – it is an interesting axis. 🙂

        1. Everyone has some tension and challenges. Resolving the balance issue is an important part of what makes relationships work, or not.

          Emphasis on the 1st/7th house polarity or East/West hemispheres is similar. I have Nodes split across the 1st/7th with a Western hemisphere emphasis. It’s an ongoing ordeal for me. I’ve found the person that Jim objected to within myself on more than one occasion. Maybe that’s why I was so harsh with the description. Sometimes I hate her; sometimes she’s my hero.

          I appreciate you and LB sharing your experience with this tender axis.

        2. Hey Les! Yes, it ‘s been *very* healing to discover someone who accepts me, warts and all, yet continues to love me in a trustworthy way. – I always knew I’d need someone tenacious. He has his share of warts too, but don’t we all? I’m happy you’ve found someone too.

          And thanks CJ, this was a great topic for the Full Moon. I appreciate you allowing us to share.:)

  3. “charming and amenable on the outside, but rather disagreeable and selfish when you get them alone” seems insensitive and harsh

    1. That was only to show extremes, Jim. In no way am I implying that this is typical of Libra rising. Instead, it was an extreme example of how wide the polarity pendulum can swing.

  4. Ah, I am related to that kind of a Libra rising person! My sister has Libra rising, with her moon conjunct her ascendant. She is the most charming person in the world, and walks on clouds of glamour…but among her sisters, the nitty gritty comes out. Probably because she knows we love her anyway, warts and all; also probably because I have an Aries moon, conjunct North Node in Aries in the seventh house (ascendant at the 28′ of Virgo). I do tend to attract–and appreciate– people who “keep it real.” And I have been married to a “real” Libra for over twenty years; he helps me to balance my 1st house/7th house nodal axis.

    1. Thanks for all those real-life examples, Mary ~ your sister, yourself and your husband. What’s your advice on balancing the Aries North Node in the 7th with the partners you’ve attracted?

  5. To some extent, I give all credit to the innate wisdom of other-ness that Libras possess. ” Why would I want to be with someone who is exactly like myself?” says my Libra mate. But I also believe that with my North node in individualistic Aries in the seventh house, I am challenged to be completely authentic in relationships, and to celebrate the authenticity of others, even at the cost of harmony….

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