Google Earth for Sagittarians

I recently had a conversation with a Sagittarian that went something like this:

Sagittarian: Hey, do you know about Google Earth?

Me: Yeah.

Sagittarian: It’s so cool. I just pick a place on the map and go there. I’ve been to some fantastic places ~ a sweet little farmhouse in Iowa that had these really tall windows ~ and Finland is gorgeous! You should do that, you know. I can’t really go there now, but I go to Google Earth ~ do you know about Google Earth? ~ and I really feel like I’ve been. Whenever I get a little…you know…I pick a place and just…go!

Travels of the mind ~ that’s one of the things our 9th house and Sagittarius represent. When we can’t get to the real place we can go there in our minds ~ through books, our imagination, and now through Google Earth. It’s an opportunity to explore and get a close up look at something that we may never get to see with our own eyes or lay our hands on ~ what a new world for our Sagittarian spirit.

The great thing is that you’re not limited to terra firma. Want to visit the Moon or Mars or parts of the sky that are light years away? Take off! You can even go back in time and get historical snapshots.

Why not take a look at Mars since he’s a potent partner in Friday’s Full Moon in Aries? Here’s a sample of how it works from Google, but you can also explore on your own.

Happy Travels!

5 thoughts on “Google Earth for Sagittarians

  1. yes, this triple sag also loves google earth. I visit all of my girlfriends, all over the world. Just give me your address, I can see what your house looks like and what kind of trees you have in your yard.
    LOVE IT!

  2. OH MAN this is the second coolest thing I’ve seen this WEEK.

    A little OT but is a 9th House thought I just this minute had: I’ve got Jupiter and Saturn conj in 9th, Cap cusp, Sag Sun in 8th.

    Saturn has been called “The Old Devil” – does this conj mean I’m destined to seek the devil in far-off places with good luck? o~0 And Juno is exactly between the conj – does it mean I’m stuck with The Old Devil ’til death us do part???

    Yes, my imagination is having a good time. 😀

  3. I love that conversation. I have the Moon in Sagittarius in my 6th house, and as a child I loved to look at books with pictures from around the world and wonder what it would be like to visit all those places. I still do at times. I have to check out google earth now! 🙂

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