Saturn in Libra ~ Time to Art

Libra is art and Saturn, of course, is Father Time. Here is one explanation of Saturn in Libra through a child’s eyes.

Emma can art much faster than me! 🙂

A big thanks to Emma’s parents for allowing me to share this with you.

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7 thoughts on “Saturn in Libra ~ Time to Art

  1. I don’t know how old Emma is but 4 and a half hours to ‘art’ is a long stretch for a child. I reckon she was lost in time with her art. Lovely.

    1. Diane and Clare,

      I’m so glad you identify with Emma’s statement. Children do have a way of getting us to relate to what they say.


  2. I noticed that Emma dated her note 2-11-10. My birthday ‘happens” to be February 11th and time to art is an essential part of my life.

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