Far Away, the Moon Eats Beautiful Whispers

No words. No words to describe it. Poetry. They should have sent a poet. So beautiful. So beautiful. ~ Dr. Ellie Arroway, Contact

Dr. Arroway was so right. Sometimes there is no one more able to express what’s in our heart than a poet. At this Harvest Moon, I’d like to share what has quickly become my favorite poem about our Moon. The magnificient  poet is Deanna Elaine. You are sure to find words here that you remember as your own ~ words unspoken that you swear never passed your lips. Deanna does what our Moon does ~ she lets us feel, allows us to remember.

Far Away, the Moon Eats Beautiful Whispers

Sometimes, far away, the moon eats beautiful whispers.

Secrets shared between sisters lying face to face in the bottom bunk.

Wikimedia Commons

Stories grotesque and delicious, told in hushed tones around a campfire, all ablaze.

Confessions between new lovers, too naked to reveal in the light of day.

The moon devours fears confided between parents;

Tastes now the wet pillowcases and pounded fists of children who have lost


or even, for the time being,


The moon takes all of this and savors what floats up

– not hungrily or greedily;

but with gentle, measured reverence.

The moon keeps its secrets close,


knowing now something of what it means to be human:

to hold room in our hearts for the impossible

despite disappointment,

even betrayal;

still we make room for forgiveness,

for faith.

So delectable: these whispers in the night.

Look, the moon, she glows

even now–


Someone is whispering your name…

Taste it.

Please visit Deanna at
Dancing Through the Lines to learn her inspiring story and to read more of her wonderful poetry. Thank you, Deanna, and bright Moon blessings to you.

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