Uranus in Aries ~ The Change is Gonna Do You Good

Moving on

 When Uranus enters the picture, you might find it hard to stymie your responses to triggers in the activated house of your chart. With Aries as the groundskeeper, that response might be an angry one. If you’re already feeling twinges of anger or an increase in nervous energy, start now to find the right therapies to help you disperse them in a healthy way. Words spoken in anger can bring disastrous results. We can accomplish just as much, if not more, through rational conversation as we can with an angry outburst that can cause deep pain to another person and create a divide not easily repaired. Even the timid can raise a rally cry that’s not soon forgotten.  

In Uranus ~ Wreaking Havoc in a Placid World, I asked readers to share their stories about how Uranus transits changed their lives or the lives of their loved ones, and to let us know how they’re doing now. (I’m reprinting them here as part of the permanent collection of articles about Uranus for the 2010 IAD Blogathon.) Some readers posted their stories in the comments section; others sent theirs by email. If you have Uranus transiting the Sun, Moon, or angles of you chart, you will find their stories especially enlightening. As in most transits signalling intense change, these are hot spots.  

The stories seem to focus on two major themes ~ major moves and a change in a major relationship ~ romantic, marital, or parental. It’s all about change, but don’t let that frighten you. Sometimes change is actually good. As they say, the only alternative to change is death. Uranus acts like a break in an emotional dam that releases a backlog of pent-up frustrations or the denial of that special spark that makes us uniquely us. And in a typical Uranian twist, it can even make us more committed to the very thing we want to change. When you face a trial in your life, know how you want it to turn out and then and take the steps you can to make it better.  

Nikki ~ 1st / 7th House   

Nikki never wanted to get married and was a “comit-o-phobe.” She discovered that “relationships do not have to restrict a person’s freedom and independence, rather, they can support and enhance personal freedom and independence.” Nikki has a lot of relevant information to share in her comments about relationships and moves, all Uranian territory. (Read Nikki’s insightful story in full in the original post, as well as other comments. ) 

Anne ~ 1st/7th House Transit    

I was young and pregnant and foolishly married the baby’s father. After a few months, I realized my mistake. Certain situations were raising red flags and I knew that the relationship was not what I wanted in a marriage. I knew I would do things that would hurt him. As Uranus transited my Ascendant, I literally awoke one morning and decided I would leave. I left that day. All I wanted was my baby. I knew I had to leave and I am happy I did. I’ve been with my second husband for 20 years, and this is what I want.  

Mimi ~ 7th /8th House, Sun, and MC  

 when Uranus left my 7th house my husband became sober. The first 5 years of my marriage were pretty rough, that’s when Uranus was in my 7th house. and for him, interestingly enough, when he got sober Uranus was conjunct his Sun.. at his midheaven. that’s kind of cool…  

Mandi ~ 6th House   

When Uranus in Pisces opposed Uranus and Pluto I was laid off from my job at an IT company (Uranus and Pluto rule my 10th and 6th houses respectively). I didn’t see it coming, it was a real shock. What shook me to the core was not just the suddenness of it, but also the cold way it was done, I was just cut off completely from a group of people I had come to think of as friends. There wasn’t really time to process it, as financial imperative meant I had to find a new job almost immediately. In truth I am still getting over it a year or so later, so I guess the biggest lesson has been in learning to let go and move on, but at the same time acknowledge that there is a kind of grieving process you need to go through when you suffer loss and you must honour that. . .When Uranus in Pisces squared my Jupiter in Gemini, I started my blog. 🙂   Mandi is the Co-ordinator of the Saturn collection in the IAD Blogathon and writes Astroair Astrology 

Lana ~ Ascendant and Sun   

The memory which most readily comes to mind was when Uranus was at 0 degrees Scorpio on my husband Mike’s Asc and opposite my Asc, and we moved and bought our first house – a total change of lifestyle.  

But here is another transit of note, when I look at my journals. In the 40 years I have been working with Astrology, I took one sabbatical year out, to see what it was like not to think astrologically (this was 15 years in). The ending of this sabbatical coincided with Uranus transiting my Sun, obviously starting a new cycle and reviving the practice of Astrology in my life. Whereas before I had only done written readings, I started to do consultations at that time. Lana Wooster is an astrologer and past life regression counselor.   

Rosario ~ MC   

When Rosario had her Uranus opposition eleven years ago, she received an inheritance from her mother that allowed her to finance a divorce. She says, “Now I am ‘in love’ with my Uranus! Now I feel happy and alive every day, and teach my four teenagers that we are all free in our house. All kinds of people and their thoughts are welcome.”   

Susie ~ 5th house   

Susie and her current husband were both experiencing 5th house Uranus transits when they met. Both were married at the time, but divorced as a result of their affair. She says, “It has been over 30 years, so I think it is time for me to clear the air. We sure did fit the 5th house well, romance, risks, pleasures! This was the only really big shakeup in my life. It really came out of the blue and was entirely unexpected. I really had no idea what I wanted to happen at the time. I was very confused. And, I gave no thought to what anyone would think of me. I just did what I wanted. One lesson is that I would probably try to have more self control if this situation ever happened again. I would think more about how this would affect everyone involved. I am good now. Just normal annoyances.”  


Most everyone reports being happy with the changes that happened in their lives during a Uranian transit. Maybe those who aren’t happy chose not to write about it. I invite you to share your story in the comments here so that others can benefit from your experience as Uranus moves through Aries.

You can also join the discussion on Astro Creeps and Tarot Freaks. Astrogrrl is hosting a forum for readers’ comments about their experiences with the transits of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. You can register and then join the Transit Authority discussions. 

44 thoughts on “Uranus in Aries ~ The Change is Gonna Do You Good

  1. Sun rising in late cancer- house 1/ aries rules MC

    My MC is 8 aries & jupiter 13 aries-

    Uranus moves slowly- so it will be awhile before I feel the trine to pluto and merc in leo

    It will be interesting to ‘feel’ the effect

    While in pisces it had conjuncted my moon and someone from 30 years ago came back

    My first love !!

    ~~~ I have been itching to start a new business- who knows !!!


    1. I’ve been hesitating to ask, but did you and your first love get back together, Krista? (There will be lots of relationship articles in all the Blogathon collections, including Jeff Kishner’s collection on Sasstrology.)

      “Who knows” is right! We’ll all get some surprises, I imagine. It seems to me that Uranus in Aries, even with (and because) of the difficult aspects with Pluto and Saturn, might be a real catalyst for entrepreneurs. Maybe we’ll see the return of more “mom and pop” shops, which I would love. I do my best to buy local and support the small businesses.

  2. Thanks for sharing my experience in such lovely way! The only thing i would like to change is that i am a “SHE” ones!

    1. Oh, my goodness, Rosario! I am SO sorry. I corrected the gender in the post. Please forgive. cj

  3. What a great bunch of examples, CJ! I think the best way we learn about what Uranus transits do are by hearing how it plays out with real people, not theories and myths and archtypes. Nicely done! Donna Cunningham

  4. I am really enjoying the blogathon CJ, thanks for all the work you put into this…and all the others. I have posted on as many of the blogs as I have time to, thanking them for all this great information they are giving us. There is so much it might take me weeks to finish reading.

    Uranus will be in our 11th house so we will wait and see what that means. I have been giving thoughts to moving from where we have been for 30 years and that to me would be shake up the 11th house of friends, but also might fit for hopes, wishes and long term goals. As a Cancer moving is not my thing when I have been entrenched for a long time, so we will see what happens as Uranus moves into Aires. It will also conjuct my Jupiter, which is part of my Grand trine with the Moon/Mercury and Pluto. Lots of change coming my way from the looks of things. Hopefully this time I am better prepared for whatever shakeup comes my way.

    One good thing about being married to someone who’s chart houses follow closely with your own as far as the signs on the houses is that the transits will effect the same areas. At least you are both dealing with smiliar issues at the same time.

    1. There is a lot of info, about 60 articles total in the whole blogathon. I’ll go back and read everything again, and it will definitely take a while.

      That’s kind of cool having the same signs on the houses. Are your perspectives on the issues similar?

      I think that leaving friends is the hardest part about moving.

      1. Yes, I think our attitudes about most things are the same. Because I have the intercepted sign and then duplicate houses there are some differences. But other than that most of our houses have the same signs on them. So we will both have Uranus in the 11th. We both have Leo on the 3rd and Virgo on the 4th.

        I think both of us having Virgo on the 4th is a great. We both are pretty fussy about our house…hubby even more than me. We both have Pisces at the Midheaven. Our Ascendents and 2nd houses are different, and since I have Leo on the 2nd that is a very good thing. I would not want to compete with someone else when it comes to the 2nd house. I want to be in control in that area, and my husband has Cancer on the 2nd.

        When it comes to the 11th, I think we both like the same types of people and we have the same

  5. Uranus in Aries will be transiting my sixth house. i have been dealing with some pressures that seem to stem from saturn in libra in my twelfth house- justice and relationships seem to be the theme. Hoping the move of uranus to sixth house will be less dramatic and negative than it has been in pisces. when i look back over the last 7 years while uranus has been in my fifth house- i graduated from grad school in 2002, got divorced in 2004 , moved twice , bought a house, had two jobs that were leadership positions. Last year took a job that within a month was bogged down with huge issues- accountant stole the payroll, went a year without pay. Boss had many people suing her for unfounded allegations…Took responsibility for caring for my elderly father with dementia- facilitated his divorce after 20 years…Need i say more? Uranus in Aries in the sixth has just GOT to be better than this!

  6. Thanks CJ for this blogathon- i am learning so much and really appreciate the effort that went into coordinating this… so many of the articles really help me make sense out of it all! thank you again!

    1. I’m stunned. Every angle in your chart got hit, Meredith. Relationships, home/ parent, career, plus the divorces for you and your father. You must be exhausted in every way. How did you have any energy left to handle everything else while caring for your father? I could ask so many questions that I wouldn’t know where to start.

      I’m glad you’re finding some help for understanding some of this in the articles. The whole purpose was to give people some tools to handle just the kind of issues that you’ve been through already. It’s my intention to keep the Uranus collection updated, and I hope that you can find some good guidance throughout. I have Uranus in the 6th natally, so I’m used to that kind of energy. I changed jobs a lot, but every job was better than the one before it. That frequency of change might be disconcerting to those who like a steady, long-term job with one company, but I relished the change and the newness and got really bored after 2-3 years with the same company. I’ve had my finger in a lot of pies — a lot of different industries — and learned soooo much. There are no regrets about that placement in my chart at all. I hope you find it to be rewarding for you, too.

      1. hi cj
        i honestly don’t know how i got thru it- perhaps because it didn’t happen all in one year- for that i am grateful. the most pressing issue now is the current one- after waiting for one year for things to clarify, i find myself looking for another job. not sure i have the energy for that but will give it the old college try. Natally my uranus is in the 11th house and uranus is in my fifth house with jupiter, venus just moved to my sixth as did mercury. natally the moon and jupiter are in my sixth. I am a pisces with libra asc, so perhaps the libra helped me find some balance in all of that, and i think that the pisces helped me keep the faith. wondering what uranus in the sixth, along with jupiter in may and venus and mercury new arrivals to aries (sixth house) will bring? saturn is in libra in my 12th. Any tips? also wondering about the energy of a planet as it finishes up in a house and enters a new one? i sure could use a positive surprise from uranus- happy to be a “real ” model of these transits
        thanks again for your response!

  7. My ‘angles’ are in for a stormy time…

    ASD- 25 cancer// DES 25 cappy

    MC- 8 aries// IC- 8 libra…

    AS to the above- yes he & I did refind our love- but circumstances make it impossibl;e to be together..

    We talk very often..


    1. So towards the end of the Uranus transit, you’ll be in for more changes on the 1st/7th axis. I’ll be the Uranus collection as time passes and will keep an eye out for some articles with good tips on relationships.

      1. hmmm- a question. does uranus go out of a sign with a bang? is that what you meant by this cj? uranus is in my 5th house and due to go to the sixth. Will saturn then go into the 12th at the same time?

        1. Well, the 29th degree of signs is supposed to be quite potent, so I guess you could say it goes out with a bang. A planet entering a house depends on the degree of your house cusp. You could have 0 degrees of a sign (0 Aries, for example) anywhere within a house, not just on the cusp.

  8. Well CJ, I just unconvered something very interesting. My husband has Libra on the cusp of the 5th house, and in 1971 when he retired from the military, Uranus was moving into his 5th house. Earlier it had crossed over his South Node…don’t know much about those.

    He loved the military, but the when he decided to get out it was because of big changes that happened with the military. Zumwalt came in and he did not like all the changes he made. He also was told if he stayed in he would be sent right back to VietNam, and he did not want that either. So, he retired. But it wasn’t something he was planning to do. He wanted to stay longer.

    Later Uranus would conjunct his Sun, and then move on later to hit his Scorpio Planets. During this time he had a whole host of problems/changes. He had several jobs, had marriage problems and that is normal when someone retires for good from the military, he broke his neck during this time, got the job where we met. Both of us broke up our marriages, he got yet another new job which he loved and stayed with about 14 years, we moved out of state, cut contact with some people from the past, and had lots of other ups/downs and changes for quite a while to come. We got married while Uranus was still in both our 5th houses, it was also conjunct my husbands par of fortune. LOL Hope that means I was good fortune for him.

    He would have Uranus hit his Mercury Venus, the Par of Fortune and then Mars when it moved into the 6th house.

    Uranus at that same time would have been squaring my Sun in the 1st house, but would be in my 5th house also. I also got married during the 1st part of the Uranus Transit, and it was when Uranus was almost an exact square to my Sun. I left a job I love and moved away from my home. Got a new job that I loved, moved back home for about 6 months, then moved again to another state, got another job I loved. I met my current husband, got divorded and later I remarried while Uranus was still in my 5th house.

    This is what I was saying about having houses in the same location as your spouse. You get the same types of changes. And although it was traumatic in many of the areas, it was ok in the end.
    And many of the changes were good ones as I loved all the different jobs I had and the places I moved to and the new friends.

    To say that this was the biggest change in both our lives, would be an understatement. I did not realize how many changes my husband had under the Uranus transit. That broken neck was the big one. You know that had to be tremendous change because of the restrictions for a long time. And allthough he doesn’t say, I am sure that something that serious does change your thinking. I wish I had the exact date of the accident to see what was happening that day.

    I am sure if I sit down and really think I will have a few more items to add, but that was enough. LOL Hopefully this wasn’t too disjointed. I can’t remember everything and don’t have a jounal.

    One thing that I take out of all of this, is the ability to deal with changes a little better now. I am much older and hopefully much wiser.


    1. So you both were feeling some of the Urananian “I can’t take this anymore!!” I’m sure that finding you was very fortunate for him.

      You’ve shared so much with us, Susie, and this is all very valuable information. One thing is for sure, Uranus transits are memorable. I always think “exhaustion, exhaustion” with Uranus transits. They seem to deplete a lot of physical energy.

  9. I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments sent in by folks so knowledgeable about astrology. I’ve always had a fascination for it, but I’m a novice. However, I do think my experience with the Uranus transit in Pisces might be interesting to some. With my sun in Pisces and moon in Aries, I’m a little concerned what the next Uranus transit will bring considering what I’ve experienced in the last seven years.

    January 2003 began with my husband’s extremely erratic behavior and demand for divorce. We rapidly listed and sold our home in March/April and I moved to temporary quarters. During this same period I took on the responsibility for my uncooperative 95-year-old grandmother and her housing, medical, financial, and legal concerns. It’s no wonder, with all the stress, that I was also diagnosed with diabetes during this time.

    In June 2003, I bought a fixer home (all I could afford in a ferocious sellers’ market) and moved again in August. I immediately began necessary repairs and upgrades to a house that had received little maintenance in many years. The original 1948 owner had died in the house several months before I bought it. I was doing much of the work on the house myself when not at my full-time job. Then, with no warning, on September 30, 2003, I experienced a mystery respiratory arrest with many complications (heart & kidney). I was placed on life support and my family was told I had a 50% chance of survival. Obviously, I rallied, but after a two-week hospital stay, I was very weak. I was off work for six weeks, and it took at least six months to feel like myself again. This was a major life-altering event for me. Pulling through it truly felt like a rebirth and resulted in a more assertive me. Without planning to, I let go of relationships that weighed heavy on me–they just felt too negative to bear–and I found myself feeling more free than I had in years.

    Into the Summer of 2004, I continued work on the house at a slower pace. My divorce became final in September 2004. Then, in October my grandmother died at 96, a blessing actually, as she had lost her hearing and sight and was experiencing paranoia. It was during this same time I met David, and my world again changed radically, this time for the better! He was still recovering from the loss of his wife of 37 years just a few months previous. He had cared for her through a long illness at home and was at her side in their home when she passed. It is no coincidence to me that he came into my life at that time.

    Several months later, in January 2005, my 82-year-old father fell and broke his hip, and another stressful period of caretaking began for me. It was awful watching him decline, dealing with a rather unsympathetic medical community, and trying to manage his affairs in addition to my own. The year 2005 was a strange mixture of major stress and sadness along with the euphoria we feel when a new love comes along. My father fell again in July, broke his other hip, and took a major downward decline. He passed away in October 2005 and I still feel sad to tears when I think of his last year on this earth – not fair. Then, as if that was not enough, as 2005 ended, just one month after my father’s death, my ex-husband died. Despite our divorce, I was so saddened. But again, at that time, just one year into our relationship, David held me up. He’d been there already–he’d faced the death of a loved one. I do believe he is an angel sent to support me.

    Okay, at this point in my story, we’re only two years into the Uranus transit through my sun. Much more has happened since then. David and I married in October 2006 – a beautiful bright highlight in this otherwise erratic period. On the positive side, we have had some fantastic traveling experiences, and through David I have met some wonderful people. However, for me, this transit has continued to be fraught with legal, financial, health, and property issues. Between David and me, by circumstance, we own and support three homes, which in this awful market, appear to be near worthless according to the experts. We’re so exhausted with trying to wait out the market, that we’re seriously considering trying to sell now if we can, and cutting our considerable losses in order to move on. I have felt so stuck in mire for so long! I know we all have choices, but so many of my experiences have seemed out of my control. Maybe I should just chalk it all up to a big slice of the pie called Life rather than some crazy Uranus influence, but still, I can’t help being a bit concerned what this next Uranus transit in my Aries moon will bring! I’d be grateful for any comments about that from the “in-the-know” folks.

    1. Hi, Kat. Thank you so much for sharing your story. From one caretaker to another, I know how difficult and exhausting those years were for you.

      With Uranus conjoining the Moon, you might find a greater fluctuation in your emotional life (if that’s possible after these last few years you’ve been through). If you have a good deal of water in your chart, you’re probably already familiar with being emotional sensitive. For earthier types or those with a lot of air in their charts, this changeability might be a bit confusing and more difficult to process. After everything you’ve already been through, you’ve probably run the gamut of emotions already and have become all too accustomed to the ups and downs that these intense experiences have brought to you. I can understand how you became so very ill with all the stress you were under. I’d think the fiery types would be very sensitive during this period, too. We all need to keep a close watch on our personal “edit” buttons.

      The housing market is horrible, as we all know. More and more people are renting their homes for additional income instead of selling at such reduced prices, and in my area (a small town) there are more people looking to rent than ever.

      Thank you again for sharing your story, Kat.

  10. hiya

    i am an aries born 1 am the morning of easter Sunday 1983

    can some1 please explain how this will affect me? i am a little scared 😦

    1. Hi, Amy.

      Don’t be scared. Planets change signs all the time. Uranus in Aries will be a new experience for all of us, so we’re all in this together and can offer lots of support to each other. Since you’re an Aries, at some point in the next 7 years, Uranus will conjunct your Sun, which will most likely give you a desire for a great deal of personal freedom. What’s important is that we use our newfound freedom to improve our lives instead of giving in to the urge to rebel just for the sake of rebelling. It’s impossible to say exactly when because you don’t give your exact date of birth. If you don’t have a copy of your natal chart, you can run charts for free at http://www.astro.com.

  11. Perhaps its Uranus trining my sun conj psyche- HI….Perhaps its the last leg of my saturn return

    I am leaving a dead, imitation of a marriage & reuniting with someone I first loved in 2004.

    We were out of contact for 9 mths.. I neglected him

    In that time he met someone late last July, got engaged in Sept, married in Oct- asked to leave

    Dec 23.. Crazy NY laws- you have to wait a year for a divorce…

    The same 9 mth period for me has been an awakening- facing pain, isolation..

    I feel not unlike a chick about to burst from the shell


    Thanx for ‘listening’- Guys

    Krista Shipp

    legal husband- 5/15/1944 mars & NN cancer on my sun

    reunited one- 5/26/1951- venus cancer on my asc

  12. I have sun, mercury and ascendant in aries. I really really want change, but at the same time I do not want to hurt the closest people in my life.
    However, I do realise that if I am not happy, I cannot make anyone else happy.
    Life has become very solitary since 2003. I have been studying and working for last 6 years, so it has been hectic so I haven’t been able to socialise. However, I want to experience life and come out of my shell. Fingers crossed 🙂

    1. I’m touched by your sensitivity to the people in your life that you don’t want to hurt, even though you long for changes. Those who truly love us will stand by us and offer support as our lives evolve and change course. Real love doesn’t make demands. Some may fail you, others may step up to the plate in supportive ways that will surprise you. If you’re feeling the urge to come out of your shell, peck away! You can make a beautiful world out there, no matter how intense the aspects are in our charts.

  13. looking more closely at my natal chart with transits from astrodeinst, it looks as though 0 degrees aries will still be in my fifth house not the sixth as i had thought. fifth house is in pisces, which i understand that uranus in pisces is rather deflated. i am hoping for something positive when uranus moves to aries. hoping anyway?

    1. Hold on to your hope, Meredith. It can take us to fantastic places. I’m on that hope journey with you. ~ cj

  14. I am an Aries born with my sun at 0 degrees Aries and Uranus is going to conjuct my sun in the eighth house the end of May/June. I have tried to read and research the internet because I am concerned as to what this could mean in my 8th house. There are so many different interpertations.

    1. Hi, Heather.

      Uranus conjuncting your Sun is likely to make you a bit more independent than your Aries Sun already is or you may take up a cause that other’s see as self-assertive. Are you feeling the need to be more “me” than you have in the past? Uranus stereotypically rings the freedom bell, so if there’s any repression that may rise to the surface, this could be the time. You’ll want to be recognized for the “real” you, not someone’s idea of who you are. The way you express that need to be the real you needs tempering, naturally, because we can do this is a positive or a negative way. Revolution or authenticity? That’s the question.

      With Uranus in the 8th, you can gain independence from other people financially; i.e., get rid of debts or obligations that have hindered you. You may find an unusual way to share resources with other people. What you don’t want to do is be haphazard with other people’s money — personal loans, mortgages, IRS, credit cards. You might gain a greater interest in learning more in-depth astrology or other “occult” arts since the 8th rules those types of activites.

      There are many years for Uranus to travel through Aries. Be on the lookout for aspects it will make to other planets, as well as to your Sun. Uranus is about invention. Go about creating what you want instead of letting a wild card rule the day.

      I hope this helps in some way.

      1. Thank you , it does help. I was starting to think that it might not be a very good transit and it would make alot of sudden changes in my life that I would have no control over, but your right Uranus will be there for many years. I will look at what other aspects will be happening. When I was in my twenties I was very interested in astrology and the occult arts. I read alot of books on astrology and practiced meditation etc. SinceI have retired I have started to become interested again. Once more thank you for answering.

        1. Life changing events can come out of the blue with a Uranus transit that we have to respond to in a way that is empowering instead of destructive. Those events may cause you to do a lot of soul searching to find out exactly who you are. It’s the way we respond to a transit, and not the transit itself, that defines who we are and the direction our life will take.

          I didn’t mention that the 8th house also rules sex, but I wouldn’t begin to venture what sort of changes that might involve, if any.

          Also remember that we have to take the whole chart into account. Rarely is one life event disconnected from the life as a whole.

  15. In my post above- I mention a man born 5/26/1951..

    We had a HUGE blowup late Saturday- & its over


    Much more importantly- His 27 yo son committed suicide when Uranus

    at 0 aries was square his N – sun of 0′ cancer..

    He had been very troubled & spiraling out of control for a few months

    He took all his meds with anti freeze

    Its still surreal to me

    He leaves a 22 yo widow & 5 mths old son

    There isn’t much comfort you can offer in a case like this


  16. In the summer of 2010, Uranus was transit just at the end degree of my 1st house. Was already in Aries but I have a 1st house that start in middle aquarius, take the whole pisces zone ad finish at the 4° degree Aries. At the end of July Uranus was still trasitanting in my first house and that day i’ve broke my right pulse falling down from a stair at work.
    Incidents (Uranus) upon my body (first house) by the rush of doing too much things (Aries)
    After that day and 60 days of convalescence, I really change my perspective in what I do at work and how I do it.

    Uranus is really the planet of change. No matter in what way, but he must change something that stack in the moment.

    1. Hello, Mihail. A broken wrist will certainly change our life and force us to slow down. Please continue to be careful and thanks for sharing your story.

  17. The day Uranus entered Aries, May 27, 2010, the man, a firefighter, I had been “dating” for many years spontaneously ruptured his quadriceps tendons in both legs. After surgery to reattach, he endured 6 weeks of leg immobility followed by months of strenuous rehab to regain use of his legs. You can’t keep a good man down, a marine at that, and today he is as good as bionic new, and back at his job. Our relationship did not fare. During one of my first visits to the hospital in June, our interface was less than harmonic, and he kicked me out. Within three sentences he wielded the separation scythe and when I protested departing he threatened to call security. I am a Scorpio, so Uranus is in Pisces in my fifth house. I met this man in 2003, and have adored him devotedly, although we were not well matched enough to make a stable practical relationship. I signified this relationship to play out my ideals in love, and believed that what he and I shared on our intimate sexual spiritual plane would sustain my heart and soul although we only saw each other infrequently. Whatever forces that came into play on the day of his accident, or on the day he kicked me out of the hospital, I cannot adequetely explain. My heart broke on so many levels. Through much work and pain he has healed his knees and moves on. I still pine my losses. I miss him and the person I was and the love and intimacy I thought we shared. It was a big blow to see my love put to the test and fail. We saw each other a couple times in the fall, but have been separated since November.

  18. Hi i am here cos i got to know Uranus is in Aries for the next few years and i am worried at how it is going to affect my relationships
    Uranus will be in my seventh house and it does seem to be unconventional I have a relationship now with someone and our charts together show uranus in first house so i thought i am quite safe but to my surprise i got a shock and is trying to mend my relationship now with him . Can anyone advice what kind of relationships will are encouraged under uranus ? i dont want to go thru more breakups

    1. Hi, Janelly.

      Uranus transits aren’t generally “good” ones for starting new relationships. Usually, some type of disruption must occur for the relationship to take off and then it is not likely to last for long. This isn’t always the case of course, but is more typical than not. You might want an astrologer to read your chart to get a more thorough understanding. If you are looking for a short term relationship, Uranus is more likely to fit your needs. Hope this helps.

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