More Ammo for Your Saturn Attack from the Future You

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As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I want to tell you about two good tools that can help us achieve our New Year’s resolutions. They will arm your Saturn with some more ammo, courtesy of his outer planet neighbors Uranus and Neptune. I’ll also have two posts from guest bloggers that will help center you as you welcome in the New Year.

Resolutions and goals take a lot of care and attention. The keywords are dedication, determination, and diligence. They also require being able to see our future selves as successful. And that’s the first tool I want to share with you. A way to access the future you.

I think of the future as Uranus-ruled, perhaps Neptunian ~ Uranian because it rules the 11th house of our hopes and wishes (and that’s where our future lives) and Neptunian since it relates to our imaginations, and if we can imagine something we can begin to bring it into being. This particular tool is also Uranian in nature because it involves email. The tool is and it works on a very simple premise. You write an email to yourself and designate a date that it will be sent to you. Here’s a screenshot.

What kind of Saturn ammo is this? Think of it as a messenger from the front lines of your campaign. If you’ve mapped your Saturn, you’ve determined if you have squares, trines, or other aspects that help or throw a snag your way as you start toward your goal. We all need encouragement, and this is a way to encourage and inspire yourself. Here’s a sample of an email I might send to myself:

Dear Me:

It’s now February 1st and I’m here to ask how you’re doing with that New Year’s resolution you made of losing 15 pounds by April 1st so you can wear that great pair of pants you look so good in. You made two short-term goals. First was to get rid of all the holiday sweets by January 15th. You did that! Congratulations! Give myself a pat on the back for that.

The second short-term goal was to lose 5 pounds by today. I just know you’ve done it. While Mercury and Mars were retrograde, you spent some quality time thinking about your eating habits and setting up a different way of eating that’s manageable and allows you to have some food you really love on occasion. I’m behind you all the way, kid!

Oh, the New Moon in Feburary is on the 13th and in Aquarius. Got your project figured out yet? How can it help you get closer to your goal? Download Shovel-Ready Projects for the 12 Astrological Houses if you need help deciding what to do.

Give my best to ol’ Saturn. He’ll probably look like he’s not impressed, but I know he cares. He realy does want you to succeed.

Much love,
Your Future Me

You might want to ask yourself how you’re handling your squares or if you’re coasting on your trines. You know best where you are most likely to slip up.

Set up a series of emails from yourself to inspire the future you. Pace them over a time period that really allows you to achieve your goal and to become resolved. Don’t rush yourself. You’ll slip and fall. Be good to yourself  and do remember to give yourself pats on the back and kudos for your successes. And Virgos, take it easy on yourself. Don’t make your small steps too big. You’re perfect already.

Tomorrow I’ll give you a tip on how to give your projects sufficient thrust and arm Saturn with a major weapon. Now, go on, go to and send yourself an email.

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6 thoughts on “More Ammo for Your Saturn Attack from the Future You

  1. CJ,
    I love the future me. Now I can be my own coach. I can set my goals, then remind myself of what I need to do. I can set up the new moon reminders….and a few of those Mercury Rx’s. 🙂

    What a great idea. I better get cracking, the New Year is fast approaching.

    1. I love it, too! This can be a really useful tool, especially for someone who has trouble acknowleding their own accomplishments.

  2. HI, CJ, wonderful stuff on your blog these past few days–especially Dana’s reminder on how much I miss being a Buddhist, and this one on writing to the future me. Great find, that site!!

    When I think of what date I’d write to myself and what I’d say, I get a little bit scared, silly as it may seem. I just seem to be inventing myself on a day to day basis and some days it’s more like I invented something the world could do without.

    Well, I think I’ll send myself a birthday card. Much love to you and this blog–such a source of homey comfort. Donna

    1. cj definitely lives up to the name “Auntie Moon” when it comes to homey comfort! My Cancer Moon especially loves Auntie’s nourishing recipes for self-growth.

      I’ll be receiving 8 timely messages from myself in 2010, each with a gentle reminder to check my progress and an exercise to build on my strengths.

      Thanks cj for the link to future me dot org and the encouragement to look within for inspiration and support.

      1. That makes me awfully curious, Sandra. I need exercises to build on my strengths, too.

        Finding a really good mirror for inner gazing always gets us on the right path. There’s a tribe inside each of us that really wants us to excel at what we do, and that offers support and confirmation that we matter. With a good support system, we’re naturally going to get better and better and have more and more confidence.

  3. Thank you so much, Donna. You know I really appreciate that.

    Dana’s piece and her pics of the trees gave a real sense experience to me — sort of like taking a long walk with a good friend and having a deep discussion.

    Maybe we could use FutureMe for predictions of some kind and then see how we fared. Think I’ll send myself a birthday message, too. Ask if I kept my resolutions, anyway.

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