Bringing the Moon Indoors ~ Weeding Time

Last Quarter + Barren = Weed Wacking Days
Last Quarter + Barren = Weed Wacking Days

People used to watch the Moon and signs because so many of them were farmers who lived off the land. Most of us aren’t farmers anymore, so what’s the point of all this gardening by the moon hooey? What possible relevance could it have to our modern lives? And WHY should we pay any attention to it, at all?

Easy answer ~ it keeps us in sync with Mother Nature, even if we’re sitting behind a desk all day. Losing sync with her is one of the biggest pitfalls of urban life. But is there any reason why we can’t bring the Moon indoors?

Yesterday, a friend told me that she was doing some computer weeding, cleaning up some files. Great idea! Perfect timing! That’s bringing the Moon indoors.

August 18-19, 2009 ~ Waning Moon in Leo

Today and tomorrow are great days for weeding. Why? Because the Moon is Waning (between the Last Quarter and New Moon) and in a fire sign, which is considered barren. Barren? That just means that growth is minimized. I mean, c’mon, weeds always come back. All the fire and air signs are considered barren. The earth and water signs are fertile.

Weeding ~
Last Quarter to New Moon
During the Fire and Air Signs

This is all just a verbose way of saying that today and tomorrow are good days to get rid of the “weeds” in your life, whether they are actually in your garden or laying around in your home, your purse, or overtaking your desk. It’s also a good warm up for the coming Virgo days which want you to get seriously organized.

While doing a search for a photo of +moon +indoors, I came across this nifty (nifty?) gadget from the Discovery Store called Remote Control Moon in My Room. It’s a wall-mount lamp with a lunar landscape that lights up with the Moon Phases via a remote control. There’s even a preview video that shows you how it works. Looks kind of cool. I bet kids would love it. When I was living in New York City, I would have snatched this gadget right up. I still might.

Photo by Michael Becker