Cancer ~ Memories

Vintage CrabWe can’t talk about the sign of Cancer without spending a little time talking about memories. Our memories, whether good or bad, have made us who we are today and, even when we can’t recall them clearly, their shadow walks with us in the decisions we will make tomorrow. They are markers of pain or pleasure, teachers of right and wrong. They are alarmists and seducers. No matter what category they fall into, we have a hard time getting past their influence.

We relive our fond memories gladly and will sign on for that sentimental journey in a heartbeat. There’s nothing like time spent talking about “back in the day.” We want to avoid sad memories, of course, so we do our best to skirt past them, deny them, or just forget. Sometimes the best advice we can give ourselves is the New York “Fuhget about it!”

But what about memories that are emotionally mixed? The birthday of a dear friend who has passed on, an old love gone forever whose picture pops up, or reliving something we truly loved that just didn’t work out?  Where do we put those memories? I wish I had the answer, but I don’t. I’m still processing those types of memories, too. I guess one day they just fall into one category or another ~ good or bad ~ and get filed away or forgotten. Maybe another 20 years down the line, I’ll have figured out how to make them work. I’m sure forgiveness has a great deal to do with many of them. Acceptance, too.

Whenever those bad memories take hold, use whatever skills you are gifted with to control them. Find the soft spot in your chart that gives you clarity, peace, and joy. EJ, a friend of mine in my astrology group advises us to “Turn your squares into trines.”  Now if we can find a way to do that with our memories, we’ve got it made.

Good or bad, remember ~ “This, too, shall pass.”

Here’s a sweet, sweet video that takes a painful memory and lets it seep its way into a loving moment. If you’re very sentimental, get the tissues. It’s Bambi’s memory of his mother.

Vintage crab coutesy of The Vintage Moth.

One thought on “Cancer ~ Memories

  1. Hi CJ,
    As a Cancer/Cancer rising I have a real problem with where to put the bad memories. They seem to be as fresh as all new memories. And, this keeps the pain fresh as well. I do need to find a way to put the bad memories to rest…but it is hard to do when the people connected to them are still around. That is my biggest challange.
    This would be easier if I were any other Sun sign but Cancer. Or if I at least had a more agressive Rising sign. Something that lets me get it out and get over it. 🙂 I have found I can use my solar return rising sign to help me out here.
    I am progressing in this area as I believe I have put to rest all but one painful experience. But I do feel that I will forever be stuck, if I can’t figure out how to put the past to rest, so I can move forward.
    Thanks for getting me to think more about this area of my life.

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