Cancer 2020: Tarot Timings

Tarot Timings are based on the Sun’s transit through the three decans of each sign of the zodiac.

Decans are ten degree divisions of the zodiac signs. The first decan is always associated with the sign. The second decan is associated with the sign plus the next sign of the same element. The third decan is associated with the following sign of the same element.

Each zodiac sign has a Major Arcana card and three minor cards associated with it. Additionally, each of the four cardinal points of the year and their associated signs are represented by the Ace. Associations of the Court Cards vary widely and I have chosen not to elaborate on them here.

The Sun begins its transit of Cancer at the Summer Solstice, also known as Litha or Midsummer, on June 20th. The Ace of Cups represents this cardinal point of the zodiac.

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year with the days growing shorter until the Winter Solstice, the shortest night of the year.

The Ace of Cups, an ever-flowing source of water, represents emotional responses and intuition.

The varying qualities of the three decans can help explain why all Cancers, Leos, Geminis, etc., are not alike (along with other reasons found in the birth chart). This is just the beginning of understanding the differences in basic variances of the sun signs.

A brief explanation of the Sun’s transit is given for each of the decans.

The Chariot is the major arcana card assigned to Cancer. It’s easy to see the crablike appearance of the chariot in the card. Topped with a starry canopy, the Chariot is protected by the heavens, and is reminiscent of the Egyptian goddess Nut. Nut is often depicted as covered in stars bending over the earth.

The driver does not use the reins and is driven by one black and one white horse. How often have you allowed your intuition to take the reins and relied on its guidance?

Cancer is ruled by the Moon corresponding to The High Priestess. She is the major symbol of intuition and inner knowing in the tarot. Her source is a spring of water and she rests her foot on the crescent Moon. It was this symbol that inspired me to use a peaceful stream in this month’s relaxation video.

The first decan of Cancer carries the purest energy of the sign, with the first two and a half degrees the strongest of all. It is intuitive, nurturing, protective, and tribal.

The first New Moon of Cancer occurs in this decan. It is also a Lunar Eclipse.

The second decan of Cancer carries the energy of Cancer but is flavored with the qualities of Scorpio, secrecy and intensity among them.

The Full Moon of Capricorn, which is also a Solar Eclipse, occurs in this decan.

The third decan of Cancer adds Pisces’ romanticism, sensitivity, and mysticism to the already intuitive sign of Cancer.

We have a wonderful event this year, a Black Moon. The second New Moon in Cancer occurs in this decan.