Solar Eclipse in Gemini, June 10, 2021

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini occurs at 6:53am (ET) on June 10th. I’ll keep this short and sweet because there are so many posts/articles about this eclipse that I’ll probably just be repeating what you’ve already read or heard. I’m just going to mention a few things to look for in your chart or to keep in mind to help navigate this eclipse.

1. The Gemini house of your chart is where you are most likely to notice eclipse effects. Find that house and note the issues related to it.

2. Mercury is retrograde in Gemini. That means that he is also retrograde in the Gemini house of your chart. Are there issues related to that house that have popped up, possibly from the past, that need your undivided attention?

3. What New Moon goals or wishes can help you navigate the issues of your Gemini house?

4. The eclipse, along with Mercury Rx, is in a stressful aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Things can get confusing and need sorting out. Pushing for results while Mercury is still retrograde could do more harm than good.

Bide your time, stay alert, review, investigate, get clear. ❤

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