Moon in Cancer, June 11-13, 2021; Mars enters Leo

Moon in Cancer, June 11-13, gives us several days to seek out and/or create some feel good, make a connection moments. She encounters no harsh aspects until Sunday when she opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

This watery, sensitive, intuitive sign is a lifeline to our past and our futures. Why? Because she is the carrier of our DNA from all our ancestors and to those who come after us, either by bloodline or by karmic connections. Like the water she rules, she alters her course–stepping this way and then that way–to find the most suitable path forward. She does this to protect herself, of course, but also to protect her many children, and the children of those children. She nurtures her tribe. Lucky for us, the next few days should present silvery opportunities to do just that.

MARS enters LEO

Mars will take a spin through Leo June 11-July 29, 2021.

His first aspect is an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius on July 1. There’s air in the gas line with this one…sputter, sputter, go, sputter, stop. Gauge your activities accordingly for the few days surrounding the 1st. On July 3rd, he squares Uranus. This could be worse than the Saturn opposition. This one is like a match and a gas soaked rag. Adding fuel to this fire is the Moon in Aries, June 30 – July 3.

July 13th find Mars enjoying the company of Venus in Leo. Did anyone say, “passion”? Hotsy!

His last aspect is an opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius on July 29th before moving into Virgo a few hours later. It’s another sputter moment for eager to go Mars. He’ll have to cool his heels a bit while in Virgo. If he pays close attention, he’ll come out ahead.