Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius Nov. 13 @ 10:46a ET through
Nov. 15, 2018, 11:42p.

“I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh, lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

The pairing of Scorpio and Aquarius is a bit of a riddle. We have the deep and penetrating emotions of Scorpio combined with the free and easy-going sociability of Aquarius. Just when we think their carefree attitude is impractical and their visions of the future foolish, we see their other side—the soul searching, intensity, and remarkable control that is as far from carefree as you can imagine. When these two energies come together in harmony, they are able to not just imagine a different future but have the ability to make it happen. This is due to Scorpio’s power of resurrection and Aquarius’ imagination and inventiveness. Because they understand the darkness so well, this duo will act on behalf of many to bring light to the world.

Bookends: The lunar transit through Aquarius begins with a happy vibe because of a supportive relationship with joyful Jupiter, newly in Sagittarius. It ends with another lovely connection with Venus. Both are considered bringers of good fortune. What you tap into on the 13th, if handled well, can bring beautiful results on the 15th.

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I just had to show you this video of the amazing Eric Burdon from back in the day. I think it’s a fantastic example of the Scorpio/Aquarius energy.


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