08-Scorpio and Pluto, 10-Capricorn and Saturn

Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn through 10:46am ET, Nov. 13, 2018

“There’s no place to go but up.”

The energy expressed by this duo could be likened to the evolutionary drive that propelled the first land animals out of the seas. The pairing of fixed water and cardinal earth results in a determination that others are hard-pressed to maintain. Without missing a step, Scorpio/Capricorn has the diligence required to move from the bottom to the top in well-paced, purposeful action. Both signs keep things “close to the vest” and definitely play for keeps. This is a major power pairing in the zodiac.

Nice and Easy: Mid-afternoon of the 12th find the Sun and Moon in a supportive relationship. With two such powerful signs involved, remember to keep it nice and easy and just let it flow.

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